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Fellow Dragoons!! I am trying to collect information on all of the border camps 2d ACR had from 1948-1992. If you have stories, info, pictures, or anything else (IE: Berets, Uniforms, TA-50) PLEASE PLEASE post and share. We (2nd Cav Reed Museum) dont really have much info on the Cold War. I would like to build a file for future reference and to preserve YOUR history to the Regiment. Thank you all for your time and Service. Toujours Pret!

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That's one big can of worms you just opened.  Most of my pix are already posted here.  As the the rest of the stuff I acquired, you've already got my piece of the fence & my 50 meter sign.  Stories? I've got plenty but most involved inebriated licentious behavior and may not properly represent the Regiment (but aren't those the best stories?).

LOL I do believe those are the BEST stories! Thank you very much for commenting and I will put your name with the fence (if its not marked already). I will go through your pics sometime this weekend and if I find some good ones could you scan them as a TIF send them to me for our Picture Archive?

Always Ready!

Thanks for sharing your pics! Where was the bridge crossing taken place? That is very cool picture! Could you tell me more about it, if you have time? Thanks.


The one rope bridge was done as train up for an international scout competition, known as the Boeselager. I'm still in touch with most of the team members via DB or facebook. We did a ton of PT, conducted mounted & dismounted patrols, day & night land nav, marksmanship, threat uniform ID, precision driving, NATO and Warsaw Pact weapons assembly & disassembly (blindfolded!!). The "bridge" was strung across the Vils River somewhere southeast of Amberg, but I couldn't tell you where.  I do know that I swam the rope across the river on the 10th of January 1982, and yes it was extremely cold. Ah, but to be 23 again... 

That is a great story!! Would this event happen every year?

Not sure how often it was held. It didn't get the publicity of the CAT, but it was definitively more physically challenging. I participated in 79 (barely), 82 (full on), and in 83 (as a trainer).  The competition was pretty stiff.  We competed against other squadrons to see who would represent the Regiment. USAEUR would then sponsor a "Cav Cup" to see who would represent the US in the international competition.  I don't think the SQDN ever made it to that level.  It was brutally hard training, and as a Scout it really was valuable.  The senior NCO trainers ranged from SF & Airborne Ranger types (G. Soucy & L. Allen)  to just plain old rock hard tankers (J. Tanner).  I've got some pix at home that another competitor sent me. I'll post them eventually. I even started a Boeselager Group here on DB.  There are a bunch of us here, so they could provide you with a different perspective.  

Howard, I was on 83 Boeselager team . marc mcleskey

Happy birthday, brother!!!

When I left Germany customs took all my border picts.

Get John Bering and cajol him into telling about the time he and I got lost on patrol with Peter Williams and Moe Melendez

Yup...can of worms is correct. Like a pre teen going off to summer camp, anything can (and did) happen. I was mostly at Gates but once at Pittman. Being a track mechanic, I stayed mostly at camp so had the freedom to drive anywhere in the neighborhood.


Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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