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Fellow Dragoons!! I am trying to collect information on all of the border camps 2d ACR had from 1948-1992. If you have stories, info, pictures, or anything else (IE: Berets, Uniforms, TA-50) PLEASE PLEASE post and share. We (2nd Cav Reed Museum) dont really have much info on the Cold War. I would like to build a file for future reference and to preserve YOUR history to the Regiment. Thank you all for your time and Service. Toujours Pret!

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E,J. I donated my pile cap when I was there in July. I have a few pictures from that era on my Dragoon base page will look for more stuff . Thanks for what you are doing.Toujours Pret.

Mr Ryan,

 Thanks for commenting and will be sure your Pile Cap has been marked with your name. I just got done looking through your pictures. If you have time could you tell me more about the REFORGER missions? Thanks.


Eric, How about these? Send me an address and there on the way.

WOW!! Those are awesome! I dont remember the Museum's address but when I go ino work on Tuesday I will post it! Thanks alot! What was the story of these patches? Could you wear them on your M65 Field Jacket?

The patches were from "major" exercises.The RED LEG challenge was at Graf,between the HWB 's of the regiment.I'm not sure about the subaltern shoot,maybe one of the tankers could explain.They were purchased from "cheap charlie" in amberg. Yes,they were worn on the field jacket,but as new commanders rotated through,they were no longer authorized.Some guys still wore them though.


I already sent them the Redleg Challenge patch from 1983. Also sent them a Subaltern patch, but it was 1979.

Address for the museum is:

2d Cavalry Regiment

C/O Reed Museum

Unit 28920

APO AE 09112-9820

Thanks Dave. I thought we had the Artillery one but couldnt remember the year. I should of remembered them since I took the pictures of them for the collection file but that was a year ago LOL.

Love that patch you have for your personal photo. I donated one or two of those to the museum.

Its my favorite one in my collection. I am gonna she if a lady in Graf can make repros for me. I would like to start a re-enactment unit back home of the 2nd Cav Grp. I am having a friend of mine paint me a helmet like COL Reed's with the 2nd Cav Patch on the side and a Constabulary helmet liner. When I get them I will post pics!

From pictures I've seen they had the crest on the front of the helmet. I donated an original sticker....

I'll have to go back through your stuff you donated and see that sticker! I processed alot of your stuff but some of it was already done before I got there.

Thanks,Dave.I'll send the 83 Subaltern patch. I think I have another set of playing cards around here also.


Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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