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Fellow Dragoons!! I am trying to collect information on all of the border camps 2d ACR had from 1948-1992. If you have stories, info, pictures, or anything else (IE: Berets, Uniforms, TA-50) PLEASE PLEASE post and share. We (2nd Cav Reed Museum) dont really have much info on the Cold War. I would like to build a file for future reference and to preserve YOUR history to the Regiment. Thank you all for your time and Service. Toujours Pret!

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Glad I seen this, I love to know more about this, and to be a part of this...I joined the army in July 1957 ,
Took boot at fort mead, ,,, tank gunnery. Fort Stewart Georgia,,back to mead. Gyro. To Germany feb8 1958 to Germany
Pond barracks
Tank co. 1st platoon
2nd. A/c 3rd. Bastion

I have a couple of sights here and have some pictures of my tour in Bamberg 58/60 Spent some time in Graf and Coburg. We were a Howitzer Co and didn't pull much border duty as I remembered. Gyro'd over in Feb 58 with the Regiment from Baltimore, the first troops to ship from Baltimore since the IIWW. Went over on the Rose to Bremehaven and the first thing I see there is a PEPSI sign. Was in Nuremberg in late 58 I beleive for communications school. Spent time ( leave in Garmish and toured Neuschwanstein Castle and also attended a few Octoberfests. Great tour of duty and proud to have served in the 2nd ACR. Any pictures in particular you are looking for?

I am taking a trip to Germany and I was wondering if anyone has a topo map of Bindlach or knows where I can get on. I was there 1961-64. " C " Troup.   I have a current one and I'm trying to determine where we really were. There was a guest house at the bottom of the LONG and STEEP...is it still there? Anyway we are going Sept. 10 so if anyone know, please let me know. dagenais01@aol.com or 870-453- 7925

Phillip, the barracks are still there, somewhat. They turned the whole thing into a little town called Bindlacher Berg, above Bindlach. Some of the original buildings, like to motor pool and headquarters are still there, but not many more. C Troop building was torn down and replaced, as were all the barracks. I was in C Troop 1974-75. Visited there in 2008 and 2011.

Thanks Dave. What about the guest house at the borton of the hill. I was alway there on week-end my my local girfriend and then into Bindlach but I can't think of the places we went. Fifty years is a long time. I wish I could remember. Did you ever get to the guest house? It was a hike back up the hill when you had to much of the beer. I remember paying 1 mark for a beer. Not now I'm sure.

Phillip... one of the the local watering holes in your time near Bindlach we used to call mom's. They was another kinda down in the valley behind the mechanic shops,

. They may have been another down by the four- lane.

I'm pretty sure I made it down there once, Phillip, but don't remember much of the trip but the walk back. I was only there a year and we spent most of that on the border, at Graf, Hohenfels, or in the field somewhere.

Thanks Dave but I'm sure I was down that hill within the first week. Hof and Cronark( wrong spelling) were our border locations and then there was Graf. We had an operation Marion Rock and our company was the aggressors. What a cold trip. Mid winter and 1-2 ft of snow on the ground. I loved my time in Germany of course there isn't very much use for an APC drive back home M-86, M-113 and then the scout vehicle M-112 OH well. I guess I'll see what else is there. I sure would be funny if I ran up against my old girl friend


Ya, Ronni,  I don't remember the name but that doesn't mean anything...sometimes I don't remember my wife's name. I can't wait to get back there and take a bunch of pictures. Fifty years of habben nien deuch beir ( wish I knew how to write in German) anyway when I get back, I'll see who I need to contact to have the photos posted if you guys want to see them.

Heck yeah we want to see 'em.

If you go to my profile, you can see 15 pictures I took up on the "Rock" and in Bayreuth when I was there in 2008, including the old officer's club in Bayreuth (me standing in front, leaves all over the ground). We used to live right across the street from the officer's club when my dad was in the 2d Cav 1953-55.

Click this link to see the photos: http://dragoonbase.com/photo/albums/bayreuthbindlach-2008

I remember the little Gasthaus at the bottom of the hill Phillip. I had my first Jager Schnitzel there. (sp?) I walked up that hill quite a few times when I lived down in Bindlach. I envy you. I hopre to get back  there before I die. My Mothers family was from the area but I didn't find that out until years later. Have a great trip.

Hi Gene,

My wife and I  just arrived back home from Germany and now the catch up on jet lag hits. I went to Bindlach and went thru the old base. Like everyone who has been there, it isn't the same. The guard house, dependent quarters are all that is left. There is a portion of the old air strip still there but everything else is gone from what I remember.


The road down to the Guesthas is closed to vehicle traffic but I drove down it anyway. I reme,ber it be steep but I did not remember how long. The Guesthas is now a private home and the present owners do not know anything about the Army being up the hill.


I went to Hof and found the Barracks where we stayed but now it is a secret training base for the Polizei. I tried to get in with my military ID card and I was npt allowed. I went across the street and took some pictures and I was questioned about what I was dong taking pictures of this secret base. Without turning this into a novel, after talking to hime for a while, explaining why and who and time frame, it comes to find out that his wife’s sister was married to a GI who was based there. He showed me his 2 A/C "T" shirt that was given to him. He asked me if I wanted to go in and I jumped at the chance. No pictures were allowed but I was able to identify the NCO club and the tank farm as well as the motor pool. The barracks are now offices/ quarters for the polizei

Went to the old border and it is as if nothing was ever there. I think I found a marker but I’m not sure. I have pictures I can post but not sure how to do it. It cost a lot of money to do what I did but it was on my bucket list and now its done.





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