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Fellow Dragoons!! I am trying to collect information on all of the border camps 2d ACR had from 1948-1992. If you have stories, info, pictures, or anything else (IE: Berets, Uniforms, TA-50) PLEASE PLEASE post and share. We (2nd Cav Reed Museum) dont really have much info on the Cold War. I would like to build a file for future reference and to preserve YOUR history to the Regiment. Thank you all for your time and Service. Toujours Pret!

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E.J. I don't have any pics or equipment to share but have a few stories if you can use them. I was stationed with HHT 3/2 77-80 and did plenty of patrols at May and Rotz. Once while on night patrol we were going just along the border on a paved road. We were using our blackout drives and I was driving he trail jeep with the section sergeant and an E2. We spotted some lights in the road ahead of us and lights just across the border in a tree line. The section sgt. halted the patrol to access and proceed. He put us on radio silence and we approached the lights in the road. The lead jeep got to far ahead of us and we lost visual so the section sgt. halted us and told us to sit tight he was going to walk ahead. My self and the E2 dismounted and locked and loaded our M-16's. The section sgt was gone for about 15 mins when I could see the faint image of someone walking toward us. I shouted halt (more like a very load whisper) the challenge. I got no password so I challenged again still no password. I heard the E2 click his safety off just in time for the section sgt. to walk into our blackout drives. To say the least I was pissed. I asked him why didn't he come back with the password? He didn't answer we just hopped in and took off. The lights in the tree line was unknown but the lights in the road ahead of us was Zoll checking out the same lights.

 I posted some pictures I took while I was in Amberg  1966 to 1968. Here are links to a slide show videos I recently put on youtube. Please share with Dragoons. Also, If you hit the subscribe button, you can see some of my Vietnam photos.
Bill Miller


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2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Reconnaissance Squadron, I Troop

Great slide show Bill. Thanks for sharing!

When I was there 1974-75, Gates and Pitman were in the 1st Squadron AO.

You probably recognize this border crossing at OP 51 near Waidhaus. The trees on the trail have grown a little since you took tour photo.

OP 51 Waidhaus. That was The Camp Pitman OP, right?img035.jpg

I have several pics of Gates and Pitman 66 to 68. I was a Tanker in I Troop.

You can view all of my pics from the border, Pond Barracks, Graf and Hohenfels on you tube. I can send you the pics if you like.



2/2 ACR Echo Troop 19E20 / 1981 to 1984 Bamberg.

Awesome pictures, was really neat to see them. Thank you

I was stationed on the rock from 76-79 in HHT Trans section and went several times with line units to border patrols...I being from HHT ran rations to the border camps...camp Gates...camp Pittman...dont remember the name of the other one...but stayed at Gates and that was my only job even through alerts usually a 6 month gig...was great!

I was in the army from Jan. 1961 to April 1967. After AIT I was sent to Germany and assigned to the 1 Recon 2 A/C B troop. I was immediately sent to Hof without my duffel bag which was lost in transit. If it wasn't for a PFC Maxie Collier, I would have had nothing but the close on my back. Maxie was a black guy and I was so surprised on his willingness to give me a spare uniform and underwear and his spare boots. I had no money so he gave me a couple of dollars ad we were off to the EM club. I got so drunk I punched the hood of a jeep and put a large dent in it. I had to report to 1St SGT Lloyd Sample and the CO who informed me that I would have to pay for the damage. The guys in the motor pool fixed the hood and I lost one months pay. A week later my bag arrived and I was back to normal. Maxie was my best friend for my tour. He was at his ETS and my best friend. He went home about 6 months before I rotated.
My first introduction to the border came when they needed a gunner to man the M60 in the back of the jeep. I was never so scared as I can remember.

About two weeks later we convoyed back to the rock and I was assigned clean up detail and had to clean three of four of the jeeps. I was then introduced to the ALT team and we were called out , We ran to the H 34 helo and flue up to the boarder on a practice intercept of a border crossing. If I remember right I think that was a weeks duty. It was kind of nice because we were able to jump the line a the mess hall. Most of the day was spent on the bunks sleeping or playing cards until either were were on an alert or cleaning our gear. Our platoon Sgt was Sgt Price, and our Platoon leader by Lt Bryant. Both black guys and I liked the both. Lt. Bryant asked me a question for my Spec 4 promotion and I will take the question to my grave." What is the definition of head space and timing on a 50 Cal?" I did not know had to answer it but it was to late...as he walked off I called "Distance between the base of the cartridge and the face o the bolt when a round is fully seated in the chamber" I was a Spec 4 a week later.

I am seating here thinking about all of the good times and remembering the bad time. 1962 new years eve, St. Sgt Sample was in his room ( he slept in the barracks, north end of the building) some one thru brick into his window. It was so cold out side. He had the OD get everyone up and in formation until someone admitted to do throwing the brick. I could go on and on..

.I loved my tour over there and when it was time to rotate, I tried to extend and was to late to do so. My orders were cut for me to go to Ft. Benning Ga.



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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