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OK Brothers...I guess this is more of a question than the title of a thread. I know Black Horse has one primarily based in Cal. Probably because they OPFOR at NTC. Anyone know if our Brothers started one?



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my current ride.96" with a 6 speed its smooth.

1966 flh 1/9 cav hunter AAF
I dont know where you stand with this thread. However, I'm all over this one. I'd be proud to wear the 4/2. If there is enough interest, I'd be glad to help out.

Howdy Robert,

Well brother, so far it is a club of two.....me and you!!!! Are you here in Virginia? Tell ya what, it wouldn't take much for me to get together with a few troopers...work out some protocols and generate a 2nd ACR cut to wear man.

Hey Dave, sounds like an OPLAN to me. You have to start somewhere.
I'm down here in the Rock Hill, SC area just a few minutes south of Charlotte, NC (smack in the middle of the Carolina's). I can try to shake a tree myself. Its been a while since I've been in touch. I feel bad about that which is why I started looking and came across this site.
Maybe others will see this thread and get the itch.
2nd ACR MC, nope. I have met a few American Legion Riders that are Dragoons. I recomend you contact your local American Legion and ask for the nearest Post that has Legion Riders or VFW for Patriot Guard. Both are NOT M/C!
On a side note, I wear my 2nd ACR Class A patch center back just below my neck. I get asked about it at almost every funchon. When asked, I always say the same thing " That shows everybody who they can follow!"
I ride a 1963 FLH, Wishbone frame and all.

Robert D. King (Grunt)
2nd ACR 1975-1977
Chapter 23 ALR DOC
Sgt at Arms / Road Captain
i still ride when im not broke down but we are quite scattered guess different chapters wood werk
sounds good,to me too.i still got my old bonneville but ride a supergide,im too damn old for the vibrator.where all you guys at?
Hahahah...well your still riding brother and I know ya got your aches and pains...but you never whine about them because of the code, roger? I think there are a heck of a lot of 2ACR bikers out there man...problem is getting them all together, even by Chapters....starting one up has its challenges for sure...I'm probably not the best to Honcho to endeavor, but i would surely get right in there as needed and with heart. There have been a lot of hits on this thread...soooo I know there is an interest there....the one thing i know we have is this...we have riders...active ACR and alumni Originals ALL over the country man...proud Troopers....I just have not got read or felt any high energy movement towards a 2nd ACR MC [and yes...most bikers know all the rules...that to me is no problem]...its an organizational, coordinational issue...LOL,,,someone needs to issue an OPORDER to all 2ACR bikers and lest one to kick it off! Man, I am riding with colors right now...and I would retire them for y'all...not a second thought!

Dave out

Nice variation Dave...Top rocker looks great...was thinking maybe Squadron and troop for the bottom rocker. The bottom rockers are usually the source of conflict..but that cut would have no meaning to "most" one percenters. I would probably recommend leaving the MC off too. The vests I have now with the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cav...we have CS Cavalry and our last name stitched on just like a military uniform...looks pretty Dress- Right- Dress man....

I don' know man...when I was in the Regiment back in 79, bike were huge....no body could afford them...especially in Germany...There has to be a shit load of riders man. They are probably like me...already riding with other clubs....its cool dream though Dave...hahahaha...the new brothers should be patched up with a Sticker patch some where...the older ones...Sheridan's lol!

Keep it flying Brother
Maybe something more like this....?

For the 2SCR guys, you could have the 'guidons' trimmed in blue instead of black, like the ones in the first photo, as they are Infantry-centric now.


Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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