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OK Brothers...I guess this is more of a question than the title of a thread. I know Black Horse has one primarily based in Cal. Probably because they OPFOR at NTC. Anyone know if our Brothers started one?



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Nothing organized that I have caught wind of, Dave. I know a few of our members ride.
Thanks Dave,

I have googled it as much as I can. Don't think one is organized either...would be very cool if one were though. I would love to wear a 2nd ACR cut on my back. Thanks Brother Dave
sounds good to me.
Howdy Pete...roger, we'll keep an eye on this post. Maybe there will be an interest...would love to sport a 2nd ACR cut on my back!

jerry williams  i served in amberg 1980-82  i'm in washington state. i'll ride with you .

it's 39 degrees here but sunny (HAVE HARLEY WILL RIDE !!!)  that would be cool to rock the 2nd ACR while riding , after all it's in me . cav man you know.

I "own" a Harley, '75 fatboy (highly modified), but I've never rode the damn thing. It actually belongs to a buddy of mine, but he couldn't have his name on the title so mine has been on there for about 15 years.

Almost every year he brings it over on my birthday and tries to get me on it. Dumping your own Harley would be bad enough, but dumping a buddies Harley would be terrible!!
Damn Dave....u ought to post a picture of that one...I would also RIDE it ! Hahahah, "Highly Modified"?
It wasn't a fatboy when he started. I think it also had a hardtail when he got it. I know little to nothing about Harleys. I know it hauls ass, though! Engine has been bored and built. Frame is far from original. I'll see if I can get him to pull it out of storage long enough to get a photo.

Had quite a few paint schemes over the years. Currently a pearl white with metallic burgandy flames. Jerry doesn't ride much anymore since his wife passed away last year and because he can't lift his arms up high enough to grab the handlebars anymore. And no, they aren't ape hangers! They are swept back almost in his lap.

I have the application for the tabs in front of me, but not sure if I should get them this year. He keeps saying he is done riding, but then eventually shows up during the summer wanting to get tabs.
Ohhhh...got it Dave...ummm after reading that run down, on second thought..you better stay off that thing brother Hahahaha...guys our age need ape hangers anyway.

I would love a new Fat Bob, but will probably just keep my 2010 Iron. Harley just introduced a new Sportster: called a forty-eight...looks like an old bull dog. Ya'll should go to their site and check it out. Has a little tank and won't go far...but very retro!
I know what you mean Dave, I was riding with a club in San Fernando,CA. Called Satan's Slaves, coming home from a weekend of partying at big sur, I high sided a 49 fat boy into a strand of trees. I felt bad about it, and hurt even worse. We got it down and finished our trip back to San Fernando.
There shouldn't be a problem starting a "riding club". But when to become a "MC" you need approval from the certain 1% mc's. Some "MC"s might take offense to patching of a MC.. But riding clubs are cool. As long as you show the respect the 1%'ers. I'm sure if you've been riding anytime and have been to rally's. MC's can be VERY POLITICAL. I wear my cut and proudly display my combat patches. Just a little insider info for ya.. SCOUTS OUT!
Got it Jim...but I do know the protocol...were not even close to addressing that yet though brother. Were i live I ride with a platoon of "Sons of Confederate Veterans" all protocols are honored. It is a geographical issue though. There are some of us that were blessed off and can where one of our bottom rockers that has a georgaphical cut...where I live we have a "Company A" bottom rocker...no territory claimed so it is never an issue. I am surprised and the multitudes of certain biker clubs...mostly weekenders that do wear a state on their cut though...anyway...I would be happy if we could get as organized as the Black Horse brothers...and they are not that fare along...

Go Bret Favre!! I know that was a dig....

take care
Dave out



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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