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I thought this old post should be migrated over;

bavaria_92224 (Original Message) Sent: 1/30/2006

Somebody had written an article wondering how "Amberg" is doing with the "Pond".

Nice to know how someone from the „other side“ thinks about it.

Because how many times did we „girls“ sit together and talk about the good times we had with the „inhabitants“ of Pond Barracks!

Actually before moving to Amberg, I always thought, that this building (Pond Barracks) is a prison.
But on a cold Good Friday in April of 1985 at McDonalds I found out, that people from that building can actually leave the place. ☺ And that they are American Soldiers.
If I remember right, it was Armando Cabanillas from K-Troop and some of his friends. I am not so good with names....sorry.
And it has been 20 years ago....oh my goodness, I am getting old!

So, from that day on, I used to hang out with some of the guys.
Even that it gave me a bad reputation by the Germans. (Rumor had it, that only guys who got in trouble with the law got stationed in Germany....:-)

But it was so much fun to hang out with you guys.
Watching football-games at the park downtown Amberg. And nosy as I am I had to try „Copenhagen“ and it was terribly. I never felt so sick in my life!!!

Having a cook-out at the Gazeebo on Post...in February...I think I don’t have to tell you how freezing cold that was!

Driving on post the first time.....and watching everybody jump out of the car, scarring me to death....I didn’t know what was going on...why? Because they plaid the National Anthem

Eating on post and having this waiter ask me what kind of salat dressing I wanted...I didn’t know, that I could choose. Plus, I didn’t know any american dressings....but, I remembered, that there was something with an Island..so I proudly said: Rhode Island! Well, everybody started laughing.....well, thank you!

Sitting in the movie theater and everbody was laughing about the jokes in the movie, except me...because they were talking slang and those were inside-jokes....and I kept on asking my friend Mike (Buttner,HHT) all the time, what they were saying...and everybody sssssht! me!

But the best times I had were at Melody’s!
What a dirty place. If you didn’t move every second you got stuck to the floor....because it was so dirty. But it was a real party place. Nothing compared to German disco’s. And you guys know how to party and dance. German guys were really boring. You guys would buy us drinks just for fun...if a german guy bought you a drink you had to marry him or at least meet his mom!

I think from thursday to sunday I practically lived there.

I also remember getting a call, in the middle of the night, David on the phone.
Him and two of his friends were completely lost, they where on a night-march with their troop.
They asked me if I could pick them up in the middle of nowhere and drive them back to their company. Good friend as I was I picked them up, loaded them in my car and we drove around, surching for the troop.....the guys were hiding all the time in my car, because they didn’t want to be seen. After 30 minutes we finally found them, I stopped the car behind a couple of trees and bushes and the guys crowled out of the car, sneaking back to the troop.

Well, these were the days......

How is it now?

Well, the closing of Pond Barracks really was a loss for Amberg.
But what can you do? Live goes on.

Pond Barracks now is a nice apartment-complex.
It is really weird to see the buildings with balconies.
Thank God, they didn’t have any back than.....how many drunk guys.....would have....:-)
Heaven knows what!
All the buildings are surrounded by a nice park. I believe the school is still there and the housing area for the soldier families from Vilseck.

The Engelchen is still there, the Harlekin.
Bunch of new bars opened since Amberg got a University. They had closed the German Kaserne downtown Amberg, which now hosts the University.

A second McDonald opened behind the shopping-center „Meister“ and believe it or not, now they even have Burger King. Right when you enter Amberg, coming from the LTA.
I visit my cousin in Amberg every now and then and you still hear American voices in the „Fussgaengerzone“, guys from Vilseck. But can’t compare them with the cool guys from „the Pond“. ☺

Yep, live goes on. But, I still miss those times.

So, wherever you guys are, I hope you are fine and live is treating you well.

Tojours pret,

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Thank You for the post - even though it is now quite old. I am glad many German Nationals have fond memories of the G.I. stationed in and around Pond Barracks. I am sure not all were as polite as the ones that you befriended - shows you gave good taste.

But Amberg will go on and survive without Pond Barracks and the Americans, also too bad the German Post also closed in Amberg, in some way, I wish it would have survived. And what of General Freide? His son was only a Lt. when I met him, and I hope them and the family are doing will.

Thank You Karin, so much for caring enough to post. 

Its a treat to stay in contact with the people that made my stay in Amberg so memorable. Through "social media", I've been able to find & remain friends with people I haven't seen in 30+ years.

  Fun reading the post. Brings back alot of memories. I was in I-troop from December 1985 for 2 years. then to Fort hood. Was one of the best choices I've made. Would love to find some people I served with. how about Ron Coli's bar. way lower key.  Thank for the memories.  Robert

Wow. Down memory lane for sure. Awesome.


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