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Any drivers of the M60A-1 remember the number of hours racked up on the engines.......

I'm into heavy equipment construction and we normally look to replacing a given piece when it reaches 10,000 hr.......I don't remember seeing an hour gauge on the tank....don't even know if it had one...but if it did...what was the typical reading?

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More than what the book recommended. There was a mileage and hour gauge on the 'A1 and I seem to remember there was something special supposed to happen at the 400 hour mark, overhaul or something like that. Used to have to make entries in the vehicle log book regarding hours, miles, fuel added, oil added and even rounds fired by type. There was a guy in each company or troop called a TAMMS Clerk who used to be the head bookeeper.

I don't remember any guages but it was 1964. We sort of drove them till they dropped. Maybe the mechanics tracked it.  I remember having an engine pack replaced in the field once. 


Idon't remember the number of hours, but do recall that the tach drive cable could be hooked up to the hour gauge to run up the hours so we could get a new pack.



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