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Anybody remember Gregory Frane from the Tank platoon, 1984-1986?

His mother and I were engaged when he was born in 1966, but we broke up and she gave him up for adoption in Toledo in May 1966. The next time we saw him, we had been married for over 30 years, and he was a 39-year-old Sgt returning from Bosnia.

He had been adopted by a swell couple, and lived in Indiana, Texas and California. He joined the Army in '84 after graduation and his first duty station was Bindlach. He said he and his pals used to get paid then board a train and travel Deutschland until their money ran out.

Barb and I didn't learn much about him during  a visit in Seattle in '06, or his visit to Columbus in '07. Greg died a couple years ago, in California, from a fall in the bathtub.

If any Dragoon knows of Greg, we'd sure be glad to hear from you.

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Hi Gregory,
I left the in 1983 so I would have just missed him. Trying to remember names of some one who might have been there.
Was he in Delta Company.? That was the tank company, that was housed with the Artillery Battery. The Cavalry Troops had Tank Sections. I served in both. There are people here who were there at that time. A lot of them do not frequent the web sight. You may want to state your interest! Some maybe Leary of intentions.

Good Luck


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