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I am trying to gain information on two separate accidental fatalities that I was involved with in 1970 and 1971.

The 1st incident took place while I was attending my Advance Training as an Armored Reconnaissance Scout in the fall of 1970 at Fort Knox Kentucky. The accident took place in a motor pool when a soldier was serving as a ground guide marshaling a driver of a tank. The victim was killed when he was caught between a second stationary tank and crushed. The following morning during a company formation my unit was briefed by our commander of the fatal accident. I am hoping someone is aware of this incident and can offer any additional supporting information.

The 2nd incident took place at the Grafenwoehr Army Base involving a load of soldiers who rolled their M113 APC. I was an E-5 (Acting Jack) participating as a gunner of an M551 at a gunnery range when directed to respond with the operator of a M88 Recovery Vehicle to a vehicle roll over accident adjacent to our range. We responded and when on scene found an M113 on it’s top with multiple passengers in shock and injured. They were crying and shouting out that one of their buddies was missing and pleading with us to raise the vehicle. I rigged the winch cable/hook and the operator lifted the vehicle to find an individual crushed and lifeless.

These are two of multiple service related PTSD stressors that have adversely impacted my life for 50 years and is part of the evidence I included in my claim for compensation. The VA has informed me that it cannot find any records of these traumatic incidents and several more that I included in my claim. I would sincerely appreciate any information or advice on how I can gain information on these accident to support my claim.

Thank you for your support and service!

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I recently found this information in the post in the Association of 3D Armored Division Veterans under Cold War Casualties...


SGT Bounds of 1st Battalion 36th Infantry, SGT Bounds was riding on top of a M-113 during a training exercise when the vehicle rolled over and he was crushed. 

I later was able to find this obituary for a Sgt John Thomas Bounds through Ancestry.com & Newspapers.com.  I believe this was the individual that I helped rescue that day...





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