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Reaching out to the 1992 Boeselager champions. Anyone out there?

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Champion?  Hardly.  My participation was about 10 years before yours. We got our butts kicked annually, but man was it ever fun training & competing!

Haha... we are all champions competing in that event. I Aldo was on the 1990 11th ACR team, which we also won the overall competition. That's why V Corps sent us down to 2nd ACR to aide and train in 1991 for the 92 win. But your correct, what a blast we all had...

Lucky 13!  Aside from being in Amberg for 5 years I was also in Bad Hersfeld for another 3, but too busy being the SQDN's  BFV MG to go out for Boeselager.  I first did Boeselager in Amberg back in '78-79 , but didn't know squat.  I competed in the Cav Cup with the Amberg team in 83, and could only act as a trainer the following year because of bum knees. So far most of the folks in this group are from Amberg, but any/all participants are welcome.  Got any pix?

No wonder your name sounds so familure. I was in Bad Hersfeld from 84-87, came back again 89-92. 84-86 I was S-3 then S-2 Border ops flying the AeroScout missions. 86-87 I was with I-Troop. 89 K-Troop, 90 I went to MG school, went to the desert, came back and TDY To 2nd ACR.. we served together in the 11th. brother... funny thing, 87-89 I did 3rd ACR In Ft. Bliss.. So they call that the SWEET 16. :)

Yep. I did BNCOC at Bliss in '81 and that's as close I got  to Lucky 16. BH 87-90 though!!  L Trp w/ Ernie Ford for 6 months, S-3 for 18 months as MG, and off to K Trp w/ Top Clark for the last year.  Its all starting to fall into place. I do think I remember you. Remember Ron Cutcher from BH? He was my wingman in K Trp 3/11, but we knew each other from L Trp, 3/2. You'd probably remember my blonde X wife Sandy  ( . )( . )  before you'd remember me though.  I actually worked at the Green Goose for a while.

Old Cutcher, drove him down to ansbach or amburg to pick his wife and kid up. They stood at my place until they got their housing while i went to BNCOC. We were all in the same Platoon. Lol.. . You had 2 and He was 3, I had 6 and Harns had 5. Harns couldn't navigate out of his own driveway. Haha.. iI left in 89 and went to Regiment for Boeslager 90.. and yes, I remember your wife now!! Hahaha.. damn Alzheimer setting in...

Yes, yes we were. Along with Eddie friggin Davis. Were you there with "Stickman", the PSG? Cutcher cooked the hood of his POV when he got too close to an M1.  What are you doing in NC?

I friend requested u on FB.. this site is not secured enough.. your pic looks like you.. just OLD AS HELL LOL!!! Like me...
Fishback was stickman.. right?

We called SFC Norman Stein "Stickman".  Smart, drunk, and extremely skinny!  The picture of me here was actually taken up by OP India somewhere.

That was it, Stein, I got him mixed up with Fishback from Korea.. also a stickman... :) lol

Hi Richard, I really hate to brag, but you just found a 'real' Boeselager Champion. I was part of the 103  from the Netherlands. Whenever I think back about my time in the army, the training we did together with you guys always crosses my mind. The dancing ladies, the ride in the Bradley and Hummer. What a great time that was!


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