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Several people have shown an interest in border tabs. A woman up the road from me makes them for $5.00 a tab. Your cost is $5.00 a tab, I cover the cost of the stamp and the envelope.  They come in Dress and olive drab.  Thanks, 13Fox

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5 Dress, 5 Olive Drab for me !
Thanks Rad
I'll take two (2) each.
Shoot me a line at cav_trooper42@yahoo.com for more details...

Thanks Bro! Toujours Pret!
I've been looking for these all over. put me in for a pair apiece. Thanks
I'll let this run through the holiday weekend, then I'll e-mail everyone my address and place the order.
It usually takes about two weeks. 13Fox
I still carry mine in my wallet. The same place it has been since Gen. Odom, I believe was his name made us remove them while our company was on the border at Camp Gates, That was a sad day.


I, too, can remember that day when we were told to take them off our hats. It was a sad day. Mine is now encased in my shadow box hanging in the living room

If it's not too late, I'd like 2 OD. rspell@mail.com
I ordered a dozen each today. It usually takes less than two weeks.
I need e-mail adresses for J. Stampler and Joe Harten.
I'll e-mail you guys my address and you can send me a postal money order (prefered) or a personal check for $5.00 x the number of tabs you ordered.
Hope to here from you soon. 13Fox
Disregard Jeff. I sent you an e-mail

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Steve.

My e-mail is jharten4164@yahoo.com

As some one who volunteered to make and acquire patches and other morale boosting paraphernalia,I know how big of a job you're doing. It's greatly appreciated though.

I'm leaving Wednesday for a striperfest weekend ,the cows are in, and won't be back till Tuesday night; .The good news is the tabs will be done when I get back. I trust this woman's word.
Thanks Greg for the up front money. Yours will be mailed as soon as I pick them up.
I'm not worried about the rest of you troopers that requested them. I'm sure you are just wiating for when I have them in hand.
Toujours Pret! 13Fox
Cool Steve,Also bugging out this weekend,headed north for the SMALLIE FEST. LUNKER BASS BABY !


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