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I guess the Cafe Roma was the one thing all 3/2 ACR Amberg Vets have in common. simply everyone had to go there at one time or another. Some guys, at times, wanted to go somewhere away from all of the g i 's (wonder why?); but there certainly was nothing wrong with the roma.

I went there once with Dieter, the bartender at the Officers Club, we had a few beers. and by the time the pizza came I was hungry enough to eat the spare off a 114.

I still remember that pizza, it was still sizzling, and it was a product of the roma. They made the dough, cooked it in their own slate ovens.

Sometimes, when filled to the rafters with troopers, the place could get raucous, but most of the time I didn't really notice.

I would almost travel back to Amberg to go to the Roma, and if I was there, I would go to the pizzaria victoria, or whatever it is now - just to check it out.

Anybody got a special memory of the Roma, paternity suit, anything?     

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if thats the place that was right off post the pizza tasted better the next day cold i was a cook there miss those days trying to find some or any cooks that i served with in 90to 92
Someone said on the Oldtimers portion of this site that the Cafe Roma is still in business, under a different name and ran by a different family. From '69 - '72, when I was there, it was the place to be right off post. Mucho beer drinkin' and Pizza eatin' by gi's went on there. Many guys found gf's there and mostly the waitstaff there were young and cute.
the family at that time were, I believe, germans who came back to germany from Italy. And they made excellent Italian Pizza right there just off post from the barracks - over there by the Squadron Commander and his XO's houses by the post housing area.
I doubt I went there myself more than twice (memory foggy) because we went downtown only to score or go to Nurenberg and waste time inna night club called the ballhouse which was very popular with gi's (actually not that many) and with the Young german youth in the area. Probably more soda-pop drinkin in there, they had some kinda "zitronen" soft drink they sold tasted more like orange cream than lemon to me, but I didn't care.
I LOVED the Roma. I remember introducing my roommate to my then new German girlfriend. She is now my wife of 21 years. I still don't tell her that I also had a slight crush on the owner's daughter. A few years later, after 2ACR was gone, the Roma closed and re-opened on Hohenfels Training Area while I was stationed there. I was in heaven. A guy in my platoon in Hohenfels ended up marrying that same owner's daughter. I forget her name, but his last name was Neff.

yes, good ole romas.   i used to get the pizza there, along with the beir, and sometimes the calzone.  That is whenever I had money.  Romas was the bomb back then. 

Aaahh Yes!!  The Roma, I sure I've tried everything on the menu. Just thinking about makes my mouth water.  I was the second stop on the way to down town to party, especially since you had to walk by the class 6.
 The Roma was the first place I went when I arrived in Amberg in 1983. They had the best food and good beer. I also remember the beer store in the basement where you could get Schniedreweiss.
I think the cafe roma has a special place in the hearts of most of the gi's who served in Pond Barracks; probably especially so the dependent community.
Had the most awesome meal of calzone and dark beer often.

write on! Johnny

Welcome to the site, I hope your association with the site and your fellow brothers and sisters is a pleasant experience. I have met mano old friends here. and I have been able to discuss some very important issues, too

Tojours Pret, brother!  

My favorite was a Cannelloni with a German beer...

I remember going over there with a buddy named Mali (1988-90). He was Phillipino I believe. He would order a ham, pineapple and hot pepper pizza. It was really good. 

Hey Sadler, I have a pic of you from when we were in Graf and we threw you into the dumpster. That was a fun time.





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