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Any buddy know where to find these camps on Google earth? I know they are around Rotz and Regan but can"t find them. Or are they gone?

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Might've been the Maintenance Bay

Is this Rotz?  Seems to be more complex than when I was there.  Or is this Regen?

I am guessing that might have been the operations and radio commo room in that bldg?

I was there working on their teletype once in 1965.  I relieved the guys so they could go

eat while I plugged in their commo teletype.  (woops, I see operations to the left of the

mess hall.  I would think the commo would be with it.)

The building with the question mark was built in the mid-80's. It was the Rec Center/Club. Upstairs was a little library and downstairs was a couple of pool tables, TV area and 2-beer bar. I watched the 49'ers beat the Bengals in the Superbowl from that building late one night. 

Camp May (Oldtimers call it Regen) was by FAR the better duty over Camp Reed (Rotz). I spent time on both. Much smaller presence on this camp-just a platoon plus. 

This picture brings back some memories.

Camp May

Camp May and Camp Regen are the same camp. Camp Reed and Camp Rotz are the same camp.

Ok, that's why I didn't recognize it.  I spent over a year at Rotz, and only was at Regen

once to fix an on'line teletype set that had been out of service for weeks.  I got there and

visited with the operators sitting in a chair across from the set.  I could see from where I

was that the pilot light was off on the power supply under the table.  It was chow time so

I told the guys to go eat and I'll cover for them.  I just plugged it in and they were in business.

I had to tell them what I found.  No big deal.  haha  I do remember the camp was bigger than


Compared to Camp Rotz, Camp May was like a summer vacation!  I loved it down there, I didn't even want to go back to Amberg!!

The building with the Question mark... was the Officers Qtrs. and where the 1Sgt. slept also. The Maint.Shop was further down. Camp May was also where the rest of the Troop went when we deployed for Border Duty. Usually only one Plt deployed to Rotz along with a Medic Veh. and an APC with GSR guys. (Radar). I met and married my wife of Regen, Germany, while at Camp May over a period of 4 yrs. All of us would usually go to Regen to party seldom did we ever go to the little town of March that was behind Camp May... there used to be a gate where the Motor Park was at and if you followed the trail it took you to the little Town of March. Sgt. Mireles E-5 Motor Sgt. I Troop 1973 to 1976.

No wonder I couldn't remember the building....must've been built afterwards as shown in this pic posted by Sholter...

This pic was taken in 1980 


Hey bro. plug this url into your google search bar: Google Earth:




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