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Any buddy know where to find these camps on Google earth? I know they are around Rotz and Regan but can"t find them. Or are they gone?

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Ok, that's why I didn't recognize it.  I spent over a year at Rotz, and only was at Regen

once to fix an on'line teletype set that had been out of service for weeks.  I got there and

visited with the operators sitting in a chair across from the set.  I could see from where I

was that the pilot light was off on the power supply under the table.  It was chow time so

I told the guys to go eat and I'll cover for them.  I just plugged it in and they were in business.

I had to tell them what I found.  No big deal.  haha  I do remember the camp was bigger than


Compared to Camp Rotz, Camp May was like a summer vacation!  I loved it down there, I didn't even want to go back to Amberg!!

The building with the Question mark... was the Officers Qtrs. and where the 1Sgt. slept also. The Maint.Shop was further down. Camp May was also where the rest of the Troop went when we deployed for Border Duty. Usually only one Plt deployed to Rotz along with a Medic Veh. and an APC with GSR guys. (Radar). I met and married my wife of Regen, Germany, while at Camp May over a period of 4 yrs. All of us would usually go to Regen to party seldom did we ever go to the little town of March that was behind Camp May... there used to be a gate where the Motor Park was at and if you followed the trail it took you to the little Town of March. Sgt. Mireles E-5 Motor Sgt. I Troop 1973 to 1976.

No wonder I couldn't remember the building....must've been built afterwards as shown in this pic posted by Sholter...

This pic was taken in 1980 


Hey bro. plug this url into your google search bar: Google Earth:


Hey, Mark!  I was at Rotz Border Camp in 1965 and 66 with the 9th Cav.  Back in prehistoric time. ha

Man I am confused. I was in I Troop 3rd sqdn 2AC from 1963-6/66 in Amberg. I have never heard of Camp May or Reed. We only went to Weiden and Gates. 

Hey, I remember hearing of Weiden.  I was at Rotz Border Camp permanent party. Some of our unit would staff the camp at Regan.  Why they changed their names, I don't know.  May and Reed.  Had some fun times over there.  The Arco bier was great.  Flip tops. 

Rob, 1st Squadron took over Weiden (Camp Pitman) and Camp Gates. Can't quote you a year right off the top of my head. The border assignments changed quite a bit during the 45+ years the 2d Cav was there.

Hey Rob!  Sounds like you rotated off the border around 1966.  What  boat did you ride on back

to the states?  I rode on the Grant.

I was at Rotz with  the HHQ Troop, 2nd Recon Squadron 9th Armored Cav.  Was permanent party on the

border for close to a year and 3 months.

I rode over to Germany in 1964 on the USS Upshur.

Denny, you are a pretty rare breed indeed. You're the first 9th Cav border trooper I've "met". You were there for the majority of 2/9's border mission.

I found this about 2/9 Cav on the border:

Prior to the departure of the 11th ACR, USAREUR had renewed its efforts to induce the French or the Germans to assume the 11th ACR's border missions. In December 1964 -- still unable to get the French or the Germans to move -- USAREUR stated that it intended to relieve the 2d Squadron of the 3d ACR of its EDP mission and return it to its parent unit's control by moving it to Kaiserslautern. Since the French refused to accept the border surveillance mission on 1 January 1965, as had been planned; the unit remained in place until 1 March 1965, when its peacetime border surveillance mission was assumed by the 2d. Squadron of the 9th Cavalry, which belonged to the 24th Infantry Division. The wartime screening mission had been assumed by German units under the control of the First French Army on 1 January. As had been the 2d Squadron of the 3d ACR, the 2d Squadron of the 9th Cavalry was under the operational control of the 2d ACR for border operations and patrolled between coordinates UQ 2590 and VQ 1403. Actually, the border surveillance of this section was carried out by reinforced troops from the 2d Squadron of the 9th Cavalry, sent up to the border on a rotating basis....

....Finally, on 4 July 1966 -- concurrent with the withdrawal of French forces from NATO -- the French Forces in Germany headquarters informed USAREUR that it would terminate its limited participation in peacetime border surveillance operations. The French platoon withdrew from border patrolling on 15 July 1966, and the 2d Squadron of the 9th Cavalry added the French sector to its own (the vacated responsibilities of the 11th ACR, see above)....

....The rest of the decade was a period of austerity during which the two armored cavalry regiments, with the aid of various USAREUR cavalry elements, tried to adjust to covering a border that had been patrolled by three regiments. When USAREUR implemented Plan JAYHAWK on 1 March 1967 (see below, Border Operations), the 2d Squadron of the 9th Cavalry was removed from border operations and returned to the control of its parent unit, leaving the 2d ACR with even fewer resources to accomplish the VII Corps border surveillance mission. Although the 2d ACR had been given complete operational control of the 2d Squadron of the 14th ACR on 1 February 1967 -- it already had operational control for border operations -- this hardly made up for the loss of the 9th Cavalry since the 2d ACR was already utilizing the 2d Squadron of the 14th ACR in its sector. With the withdrawal of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment from USAREUR as part of the REFORGER program during May through July 1968, the command now utilized only two armored cavalry regiments -- without any full-time supplementation by other cavalry elements -- to perform the entire CENTAG border surveillance mission.



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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