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Any buddy know where to find these camps on Google earth? I know they are around Rotz and Regan but can"t find them. Or are they gone?

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That's the front gate at Camp Rotz/Reed.

ok  Wow!!  I don't remember the cobblestone highway and the entry road.

I think the sign overhead said Rotz border Camp.  The trees and greenery around seem to be grown up.  Looks like a gate there and if I remember right there might have been a little gate shack.  I'll have to look see if I can find my pictures of it.  I might be able to find a pic of me by a 115 PC.  I was 21. I'll

look for that pic. (I saved your pic-labeled it ROTZ) :)

In 66-68 we were going to Brand or Camp Brand, never heard of Gates, and Weiden, not Pitman

Dennis, this is what the camp set-up was when I was there 1974-75. Coburg and Hof were 2d Squadron. Gates and Pitman were 1st Squadron. Reed and May were 3d Squadron.

I left 3rd Squadron in June 1966 and it was still Gates and Weiden. 

Rob, I think it may have changed in early 1973. There was a big shake-up in the areas of responsibility for the two Cav regiments on the border then.

It changed again about 1977 with 1/1 Cav taking Camp Pitman (Weiden) and 3/7 Cav taking Camp Coburg. There was also mention of Camp Wollbach and Camp Phillipsreut used in the VII Corps sector in the early 70's but I haven't got a clue about them. I think I remember somebody on Dragoon Base talking about going to Phillipsreut and doing border patrols out of a gasthaus there. It was pretty close to the trizonal area of Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

Still there. Find Rotz than find the road that  went to Camp Rotz . Some Camp May

Here is what the gate at Camp Rotz used to look like, snow and all....

Wow.  I really appreciate seeing these pictures.  Thanks for sharing them. So that sign frame must be the same one that was there when I was there.  Only I think our sign said Rotz Border Camp.  Maybe they wanted to get away from revealing it's connection with the Czech border.  What year was this picture taken?  I'm impressed with the other picture showing the cobblestone roadway like it was in downtown Rotz.  I think the Germans pronounced it with rolling the "R":  Rates.  I'll upload a picture of me alongside, I think it was a 113 PC.  I took that PC for a spin there on camp just around the area and spun it out into a little low spot and got it stuck.  I wasn't impressed.  They told me about a "water gear."  I must not have had it in "4 wheel drive."  ha ha This picture was, from the gate straight back and to the right against a fence.  These trees are a lot taller than they were when we were there.  It's really wooded. Taking the road, veering to the left then way back and angling to the right the road would go in alongside a long building on the left housing the rifle room, medics, S1 operationss roon then the radio room on the right end of the building where I worked.  Right across the drive and about 25 yards was a small barraks.  Beyond it and to the left was the mess hall.  Straight passed the long building on the left and down a slope was the motor pool.  Across from it was the string of parked military vehicles.  Somewhere along there was this 113 in my picture.  I'll look through some other pictures.  I know I have more of that area.  My picture was taken winter of 1965.  2nd Sqdn 9th AC


I don't know when that picture was taken, but the guy is wearing a black beret so it is likely in the mid to late 1970's.

I see you have the same snow in your picture. Must have came with the camp.

Dave, You know I spent nearly 5 years around Amberg, Camp Rotz & Camp May.  Rotz seemed like it was always covered in snow, and damned if it didn't snow at Camp May the only SUMMER I was there.  Even in Denny's 1965  photo  it was snowing!!

Couldn't have been because it was way to hell up on that hill!



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