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Any buddy know where to find these camps on Google earth? I know they are around Rotz and Regan but can"t find them. Or are they gone?

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They Were Regan and Rotz.

Which boat did you go home on?  I went over on the Upshur and came back on the Grant in 1966.

One was the Geiger to Brem. We loaded on board on Dec.21st 1963. 9 days in that madhouse. Spent Christmas Eve sitting with an AIT buddy on  a hold cover drinking bourbon in a raging storm. I never forget that New Years! Came back in June 1966. I am not sure what the ship was. Army seems so tame now.

this guy spent many hours linking former locations to google maps

lots of bases and camps linked..

expect some surprises!


Thanks for all that work. It is really interesting. Looks like Camp Gates was turned into a solar farm and all those beautiful trees are gone. Progress...

We(3rd sqd 2nd acr)took camp reed in 67. Went to the bar down the hill quite often. We'd stay til the CPs came to chase us out. Then we'd disconnect the low oil safety and go back to the camp and wait for them to call for mechanics for help. When we got there we told them it would take a little time to repair, so just take our jeep back and we'd be there as soon as it was fixed. We'd stay about another hour and then head back. Worked every time.

I and a few buddies foolishly bought a bottle of Jack Daniels ($50) there because some girls asked us too. It was quite a night.

I served in L Trp out of Pond Barracks, 70-72, we sent a weekly jeep patrol down to Phillipsreut. Manned the op for most of the day, and met with the Bundesgrenzschutz. There was an old HQ building and a quonset hut for a barracks, but they were in bad shape. Before it closed, I heard that they used a local place for staying over and for a landline when needed. One early spring we joined with the German border guards to do a hike from the point where the three borders meet, Germany, Austria, and Czech, along the border trace to the Camp May Area. The Germans must have used the Rotz camp during the war. Found a really weathered post card stuck in a tree in the back, forest like area of the camp, you could still make out the swastika stamp.

I was in L Troop 1st platoon from Feb 75 to Oct 78. Guess I don't remember the wooded area of Camp Rotz or Camp May. Although I spend 75% of my time on patrol, 10% in the club 2% in the weight room 2% eating and the rest sleeping if I was lucky



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