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I was hoping that someone might be able to help me. I’m trying to get some information about 3/2 M Company’s participation in the 1979 Canadian Army Trophy competition; specifically what model M-60 they used. I’m also trying to find an image of the team patch to use on my website or someone that may still have the scores or a picture of the scoreboard.




Thanks for any help in advance.


Ron Mihalko

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I left M co 3/2 in Sept 78, I think it was the M60 rise, stab & passive sights. Maybe the A2 or A3. Been a lot of years.

Paul Phillips
Hello Ron I am sure Paul is correct I do not think we had the A2's yet and I do remember they did not get us new tanks for the competition the thinking at the time was that we knew our old tanks well enough and that new ones might have bugs to be worked out and not enough time to do it in that is what I was told. Some were I still have my tankers jacket with the patch they gave us and I think I have a certificate also Lt. Anderson is on here he was my platoon leader he may have some info. also Pip Mckenzie is on here she represents her father Garnet Mckenzie he was my TC during cat 79 I am sure there are some others here that have some good memories of that event, it was a special honor at the time. If I find some things I will let you know Thanks I look forward to seeing more on this. Shannon Ryan...
What units of the 2nd ACR had M60A2s?
2ACR Engineer Co in Nuremburg?

Thanks for the answer. I'd very much appreciate if you could get a digital pic of your patch if you find your jacket. Also, I've had Germans, Canadians, and a Brit tell me that the competition was on Range 9 at Bergen-Hohne, but someone keeps changing the Wikipedia page and posts it as being on Range 10 at Grafenwöhr. Where was it?

I thought the first CAT at Grafenwöhr was in 1981.
It was Range 10 - which was built specifically for CAT 79
M60A1 Rise Passive


CAT 79


Please don't monkey with my Wikipedia artcle ;)
Thanks for answering and setting it straight. Do you remember the dates of the competition and do you still happen to have your patch that you could take a pic of? Also any chance of you still having the scores or a pic of the scoreboard? I know I'm asking a lot, but there isn't anywhere that has all of the various years of the CAT competitions consolidated other than the wikipedia article that apparently you and I have both been working on. (Sorry about the Bergen-Hohne change, but I had a Brit and a German swear it was there and not Graf)

I decided to go further than the wikipedia article with vehicle types used, patches, scores, platoon/company/country placements, and dates of the competition.

I originally intended in only going back to 1983 on my website, but tankers of all nationalites have been sending me stuf from 75-81; so I figured I'd try to gather as much as I could from those years too.

I'd appreciate any help that you could provide.

Once again, thanks for answering.
From a fellow tanker,

Ron Mihalko
I hope you have a ukrainian page too. ;)
I'll have to look around.

There may be some confusion. Range 10 at Graf was built for CAT 79 to practice on - the FIRST year CAT was held there was 81. CAT 79 was held at Bergen-Hohne.
If anyone still has their certificate or remembers the actual competition dates, I'm looking for that also.



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