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Good evening to all 2nd Cavalry Troopers,

I know that many of us, perhaps not all, have a Cavalry Hat. It may be a Stetson or any other Slouch or Western style. Most that I have seen have a 3 or 4 inch brim, 4 to 5 inch Crown with a Center Crease and some have a pinch towards the front. Most usually Black in Colour, although there are a couple of units that wear a Tan colored hat

I have set up 2 hats and one Tam for the 3 Cavalry Units that I served in. One for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, one for the 12th Cavalry Regiment and the Scottish Tam for the 10th Cavalry Regiment (looks different but kinda cool)

Now, what to put on it .... and where? 

I have read this: Cav Hat MOI and understand what it says. Crossed Sabers with or without Regimental numbers and Rank insignia, centered on the front of the Crown and the DUI (Crest) centered on the back. This is for Active Duty Personnel mostly. Does it hurt for someone, like me, Former Military but not retired, to put the DUI above the Sabers on the front? Which is how I have done it.  OR.....should I buy some E-5 Rank Pins to put on the front and move the DUI's to the rear?

I invite all members of Dragoon Base to post pictures of their Cavalry Hats, if you so wish.

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How I have them displayed in the computer room. There is now a DUI at the bottom of each placque and will hang a Cavalry Saber and Scabbard over top soon.

Frank, I would say the way you have them now is the proper way for us former Cavalry Troopers here are a couple pictures from the trip over in 2011.Now here is one I would really like to take home

I see you have an Spencer carbine, it looks to be an authentic one, no a repro. I also have one without the Stabler device. I installed the centerfire conversion breech block and reload for it. I haven't figured out a good load yet and don't play with it a lot. I do have issues with using different styles of bullets ie: healed bullet vs. a minie ball and trying to get a crimp. I have been using RTV sealant to glue the bullets in but there's got to be a better way. I belong to the Spencer Shooting Society but everyone on the computer has a different opinion and is an expert so, trial and error is the order of the day. Do you shoot your?

Larry, that photo was taken in the storage building for the 2d Cavalry museum artifacts. That is the real deal there. Shannon and I were getting a private tour on my birthday.

I have an original also and looks to be in about same condition, no rust but all finish is gone. the sn on mine was researched and it is not listed as to what unit it was issued to but falls a few numbers in between the Michigan Militia (Custer's) and a New York unit. It was definitely a Civil War issued weapon. It's great to take out to our sportsmen's club when the Junior shooters are being trained in trap and black powder etc. As long and their parents are ok with it, I let them fire the Spencer, gets a big smile from them. I do that with my belt fed semi auto 1919a4, 1917 water cooled, etc. also. I have an original 1863 Springfield muzzle loader rifle in .58 cal. that I do the same with and a 1890 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor. All of course are black powder cartridge and muzzle loaded.

My dad had an 1873 Trapdoor. He caught me in the closet with it when I was little, going at the rust on the barrel with some course sandpaper. I was trying to shine it up for my dad. I thought he was going to kill me, but he started teaching me about gun care instead. The rifle was stolen years later, by a friend of mine I think.


That picture is from the trip over to Germany in 2011 for the Regiments homecoming. That picture  is from the Regiments museum in Vilseck, the back room, the stuff not on display, Ryan Meyer gave Dave and myself the back room tour after the grand opening of the museum. I just wish that was my carbine, I would love to some day have  the opportunity to fire a spencer, that is the first time I have even held one. I am a avid shooter but have not had the pleasure of shooting a Spencer yet.

You will get a real charge out of shooting one, very mild and if you can find someone who has taken the time to figure out the loads for them, they are pretty accurate at 50 to 100 yds, 6" inch pattern at 100, maybe a little tighter with a pristine bore.

 I will have to work on finding one to shoot!!

  • LTC. Denny former Commander of third SquadronLTC Denny and myself

Dave Gettman and myself in front of the memorial in memorial park at Rose barracks in Vilseck. Dave is wearing the Border tab above his Sabers.Vintage cold war Troopers

Dave is wearing the BORDER tab above his authentic 1884 C Troop, 2d Cavalry sabers!




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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