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Good evening to all 2nd Cavalry Troopers,

I know that many of us, perhaps not all, have a Cavalry Hat. It may be a Stetson or any other Slouch or Western style. Most that I have seen have a 3 or 4 inch brim, 4 to 5 inch Crown with a Center Crease and some have a pinch towards the front. Most usually Black in Colour, although there are a couple of units that wear a Tan colored hat

I have set up 2 hats and one Tam for the 3 Cavalry Units that I served in. One for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, one for the 12th Cavalry Regiment and the Scottish Tam for the 10th Cavalry Regiment (looks different but kinda cool)

Now, what to put on it .... and where? 

I have read this: Cav Hat MOI and understand what it says. Crossed Sabers with or without Regimental numbers and Rank insignia, centered on the front of the Crown and the DUI (Crest) centered on the back. This is for Active Duty Personnel mostly. Does it hurt for someone, like me, Former Military but not retired, to put the DUI above the Sabers on the front? Which is how I have done it.  OR.....should I buy some E-5 Rank Pins to put on the front and move the DUI's to the rear?

I invite all members of Dragoon Base to post pictures of their Cavalry Hats, if you so wish.

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Here's the outfit I had on for Veteran's Day ... ..

What you can't see, is the patch on the right shoulder that says "Cold War Veteran", in an arc above the U.S. Flag

Nice, Frank!!

Looking good Frank..

Well, the walls are now BARE. All the hats and sabers taken down and packed away for the move.

The wife hopes that we are out of the house by next Saturday, the 28th. The Closing is May 31. Having the Cable and Internet turned off on the 27th. Not sure when I'll get back on to check in again. Hopefully, before too long.

To ANY and ALL who may read this..... if you have pictures of your Border Cap, a Baseball Cap with 2nd Cav on it or a Stetson, of any shape and size, you are welcome and invited to Post pics of them here in the discussion.

Toujours Pret - Always Ready!

Good luck to you and the misses, Frank. Hope you have clear trails.

Got a picture of one of my 2nd Cav Baseball  Caps

Hey Frank, they spelled CAVALRY wrong on your hat.

Don't think so Dave... .. made me look anyway   lol

 That's what I was trying to do Frank, make you look anyway! Gotta keep you on your toes!!

2 other hats I have ... ..

And one "Old School" type ... ..

Me wearing the above hat



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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