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There is now a bill before congress that would authorize a Cold War Medal, for those who served two years during the Cold War. It is known as H.R. 2067. (click HR2067 to read bill) would urge all Dragoon Base troopers to call their congressmen(women) and urge them to support this bill. 

Go to U.S. Congress website to find your representative, then email or call them.

Sample Letter:

 There is in congress, H.R.2067, a bill that would award a new medal called the "Cold War Medal". This bill would provide Cold War veterans this award from our country for our service during the longest undeclared war in our countries history. As a former trooper with the 2nd Armored Cavalry, I was assigned to patrol the border between the East and West during this war. I would like your support and/or co sponsorship on this bill. Thank you.

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Martin, went into Congressional listing of Bills that have been submitted, they listed the Cold War Medal Bill.and they listed the bills and the percentage of passing.   They listed the Cold War Medal of only having a 2 percentage of passing and ever becoming a Law for the President to sign.,  They could care less about the Ribbon or Medal ever coming up for vote.

The American Legion don't want us,why would you think  Congress would give a crap.

I'm a life member of the American Legion. It's the VFW that won't let us in, though some Cold War vets have managed to infiltrate that organization.

Check the American Legions by laws. I served from 76 thru 81 and those years are not recognized for entrance into the group.But I still get letters from them asking me to join.

Roger that...it was post-VN. I forgot about that "little" hitch. I served 72-75.

I get letters from the VFW all the time wanting me to join, but every time I apply I get turned down. My older brother's best friend from HS is president of the local chapter. I contacted him to see what's up. He hooked me up with their "recruiter", who said he could get me a membership through the back door. I told him to screw himself.

That's kinda the way I feel about the American Legion.It's like the time some of us served didn't mean crap to the "war" vets. 

      I got the same treatment from my own state govt.. I'm a retired firefighter here in Oklahoma.Our active military time is counted toward our pensions. It's years added to your time served but the  peace time years are not counted. So guys that served during Vietnam had their time counted but mine didn't. 

That really sucks!!!

At least your service time will count double towards Social Security, if there is any left by the time you claim.

You sure know how to hit the sore spots. In Oklahoma our pensions were set up with the Social Security folks to replace Social Security.In turn we didn't pay Social Security out of our paychecks.But everyone has a day off job in which you have to pay Social security.So I have paid S.S.for 35 yrs. but am penalized 50% when I start drawing.

    From what I hear Oklahoma is one of the only states this applies to.My dad is a retired Firefighter and he's only been getting 50% since he started drawing.

In NYS, we are allowed to buy up to three years of military time towards retirement, also NY repeled tbe 50%offset in the ninties. I retired with 32 years ang get SSN . That should be the rule for everyone, but states are greedy.

Wow, Bruce, I had no idea! Never heard of such a BS trick.

You just have to put a smile on your face and keep chugging along. No need to get down when there are so many flag burners out there to help support. 

    I heard today medical insurance is going up an average of 8% this next year while wages are staying stagnant. Haven't had a COLA adjustment in 8 yrs suppose I'll be working till they put me in the ground.

Thankfully all my medical/dental is covered by the VA.


Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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