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For everyone that was able to attend the reunion in Gettysburg, it was great seeing all my brothers! A great time was had by all. Tim you did a fantastic job brother keeping all of us heading in the right direction. For all that could not attend, you were there in our hearts and were remembered. I'm looking forward to 2015 and Valley Forge. Toujours Pret!!

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well said Tony

A great time for all.Seeing fellow troopers from the site and those that served with me was a good feeling.from what Tim White told me ,he probably will be in charge of the next one at Valley Forge.He did a good job and knows his stuff.

Thanks Tony. It was a blast for sure.

The job Tim White did was exemplary!! I really missed his banter on the 2d tour. Not only did he know his stuff, but his sharp wit kept the whole thing rolling so it didn't develop into one long droning blurb.

Tim should be nominated for Sainthood. He went above and beyond in making this reunion the success that it was regardless of how many terds in the punchbowl the National Park Service could lay.


Tony, could not attend this round ,thankyou for your point to us who couldn't be there,that means a lot that you all thought of us while there... Need you troopers to know that by sharing your pictures and comradery,and the biggest knowing  that hearing and seeing that you had warm and outstanding time there is truly great to know....    so all the troopers that were in attendance know that you were also ,I'm sure,in ourhearts    "Toujours Pret" ,, Stand Tall Brothers ...to the Regiment... "Hooah"


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