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  Apparantly, the new CJCS Gen. Martin E. Dempsey was stationed or assigned to the 1/2 ACR sometime around 1975, or after.

   He graduated from West Point in 74. He was the S-1, OIC.

   Has anyone worked with the General, then a 2nd or 1st LT?

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His first assignment was as a platoon leader - in C Troop as I recall, got there in late '74.  He doesn't look much different now than he did then.  I remember him as very baby faced but very sharp - gotta lov the Cav for a good start in life . . .Tommy Molino, weren't you his troop Cdr??

Frank Graham

Thanks for the info Frank.  I was in D Co may 75 thru 78. 

I never actually worked "for" GEN Dempsey, but I  many occasions of working "with" him while he was the Sqnd S-1/Adj and I was the Operations SGT of the Bayreuth MP Station.  What I remember most about him that he was a sharp as a tack.   It was a real pleasure working with him.  If my memory is correct, LTC Nicholas S. H. KRAWCIW (later 3 Star) was the Sqdn CDR and MAJ William B. CROUCH (later 4 Star) was the Sqdn XO.

Richard, Your memory is good!  Nic Krawciw was indeed the Sqdn Co and Bill Crouch the XO.  I think I remember you as well - I was the Sqdn S4 at the time but my driver was always in trouble so I'm bound to have visited you at the MP station at one time or another!!  Great times on the Rock - Oh, and Tommy Franks commanded How Battery down at your kaserne during that time - another four star guy.  All great folks to serve with and to be friends with . . .


General Dempsey and his wife Deanie were honored guests at my wedding in 1992. At the time he was my battalion commander (4-67 Armor) in Friedberg Germany. I served on his staff as Intel Sergeant and knew from the fist day I met him that he would someday be the top dog in the corporation. He did in fact serve in Bindlach and he and I used to have many discussions of our times in 2d ACR. I was in Bamberg.

I served with 2Lt Martin Dempsey his first year out of west point, I was his PSG 1975-76., we were in 1St Plt B Troop. He was contagiously energetic and enthusiastic with a positive attitude without being the typical butter bar wizard. He had a good hands on relationship with everyone in his platoon, by that I mean he spoke to people not over their heads or down to them. Marty was one of the finest young officers I had the pleasure of serving with and under his leadership 1st Platoon was regarded as the best in the Squadron and maybe the Regiment. I was also fortunate that Marty's replacement was another truly outstanding officer and a true gentlemen 2Lt Doug Lute (Lt Gen retired, currently the Special Asst. to the President at National Security Council, or better known as the War Czar) and with Doug's leadership we continued to be the best Platoon in the Squadron. In 1974 to early 1975  was in How Btry in the city of Bayreuth (sub post) when Tommy Franks was BC, also a memorable personality.  served with the 1/2 ACR 1970-73 and 1974-1977 and these were truly the best years of my military career.

I remember when he took command of 4-67 Armor he had us set up a fest hall table in the center of the TOC with a long piece of butcher paper on it. All the staff guys would be able to sit around the table and he would draw a time line down the center of the paper going from H-24 through H Hour then H+ whatever. At each point he would say "H-12, Scout Platoon what are you doing?" "Engineer what are you doing ?" "FSO what are you doing?" He called it paralell planning. It enabled each key player to synchronize according to what the other guys were doing at the same point in time and adjust if necessary. Hell of a lot better than giving a commander's intent and the staff scattering off to the four winds for an hour and coming back with some disjointed "I think this is what he wanted" product. He was an English professor at West Point at some point in his career. During command and staff meetings someone would be briefing and he would sometimes interupt and say "Someone tell me what that word means". Usually some junior officer would leave the meeting then go look it up and come back the next day with the definition. He'd ask a question, let the guys answer or explain and the first thing he would say was "How did I know the answer to that?" In short probably the smartest guy I ever had the opportunity to work for.

I worked for Gen Dempsey when he was Bandit-6 (4-67AR). I gave him a 1/2ACR coin that I had from the Regiment. The Guy loved his scout platoon for sure. He told me that he started his carrier in C Troop. Happy to see him in the position he is in now. I also remember him as being incredibly sharp.


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