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Thought I might start a list of flavor experiences I've encountered recently, in the realm of German biers. I've discovered a treasure trove of some 600+ imported biers, and am prepared to squander the family fortune in persuit of the perfect bier.

As this could prove a daunting task, I am starting at the top so momentum will assist me.

My first offering is:
KOSTRIZER SCHWARZBIER, Germany's black lager, brewed by Kostrizer Schwarzbier Brauerei, Bad Kostritz/Thuringen.

Hope you have patience and a steady hand to pour this one, because it's got a helluva head on it. I seem to remember a question on the Army entrance exam's about pouring bier down the side of the glass. This is definitely the bier that requires this technique if you don't want an entire glass of foam. As far as taste....too heavy for my liking. Reminded me of a mouthful of burnt wood.

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Well maybe ashes is the key ingredient to this black bier!

My favorites came out of Amberg can you belive that little town had nine breweries. What I would give for a Winkler Bier and a trip down the hill at 2 am to visit the Winkler Frau again!
That's one of the things I like about Germany. If there are more than three buildings in the area, one of them is probably a brewery.
Dave, I applaud your quest for the perfect German Bier. When I was stationed in Bamberg, I had two favorites. In the Weisen catergory was EKU Krystal Weisen. This bier is incredible! It doesn't have that pile of mud in the bottom of the bottle. To keep the head down, you have to squeeze a little lemon in the area of the glass in which you pour it (this is a bier you would definately want to drink out of a weisen glass). You will never regret trying this bier. I found it in a bar called The Kings Inn in Bamberg. This is a German only bar so you must order in Deutch. My second favorite was Reh Bier. I lived with my wife in the small town of Shammelsdorf (between border duty and multiple trips to Graf, unitl she went back to the states). The brewery in this town sells this bier. It is a wonderful pilsner (no exotic or heavy hopps taste). I would pay a handsome price to enjoy these flavors again.

Toujours Pret
I agree with you Kevin on the EKU. That is the best bier I have ever had. I have looked for it here in the states and have only found the EKU Pils and 28(?). The Pils is ok but the 28 sucks. Too heavy. I keep telling the place (Friar Tuck) that has these two that they need to get the Krystal Weisen in. I would buy it like crazy.
Bump to the front for my brothers thirsting after a bier.
I've been down an English beer trail for about a year. Almost exclusively porters, ales and stouts from some of Colorado's craft brewers. I tend to prefer these to German lagers and watered down American lagers. I have yet to find an India Pale Ale or Belgium White to my liking.

One thing I always due is check the date on the bottles. They say most bottled beer will hold its freshness for 90 days but I try to find stuff that is 30 days old or less. I have found stuff on the shelves that has been 180 days old! Be carfeul when your local beer store puts stuff on sale. Always check the date

Ha! I've got an unopened bottle of Tschechoslowakie Budvar (Czechoslovakian Budweiser) that's 6,277 days old. About a half inch of brown (?) in the bottom of the bottle. I think I'll leave it capped until the Iron Curtain goes back up!
I remember having some of those in Amsterdam on my last weekkend in Europe. It was at Ricks Cafe. I had the bottle neck label in my wallet for a long time as a reminder.
Glad I could stir up a fond memory Brian.
Had a pitcher of Ayinger-Oktoberfest yesterday.A little lighter than Sam Adams Oktoberfest.Had this in Lexington,Kentucky.At a German restaurant with my wife and son while visiting him.Now my wife wants to jump on the big bird for a trip!!!!!!!!!!!
Robb,last time in Germany 2002 Winkler Bier was still there.Had some outside the one tower by the Esso gas station on the circle.I put a photo of the new coaster on our site.
where ya finding these biers?
A bier store in Tacoma. They have like 600+ kinds of bier from all over the world.


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