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I finally found a great authentic German restaurant in the states. It's the Bavaria in Hooksett, NH. It's great food & of course German Biers
The owner Chef is from small town near Munich

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We used to go up to the Kruezberg monastery/brewery when I was in the Blackhorse. Its not too far from Wildfleken.  You can sometimes find a bier of theirs labeled as EKU 128- as in 28 proof.  Toss the keys in the bushes because after a few of those, driving is out of the question!

Hell, after a few of those, you probably couldn't get your keys out of your pocket!

Erdinger (Hefe-Weizen Dark; Crystal Clear Weizen)

Kostritzer Schwarzbier



No lemon in your Weizen?


Lass es gut schmecken!!

This is Morants - Old Fashioned Sausage Kitchen in Sacramento.  Owned by Dirk Muller


There is a great German restaurant in Bradendon Beach, Fla.  it is on the beach highway and the name if I remember correctly is Schitzel Haus.  Best I have ever been in in the states.

Garman resteraunt in Independence,Mo.called the Reinlander great food, Deutsches Bier vom Fass,the owner has only been here since about "95".German musik on Saturday nights.


If anyone ever. Comes up to NYC in Manhattan on 2ave between 85st and 86st is a place called the the Heidelberg br />
Also in Queens is a place called Zum Stammtisch in Glendale part of Queens you will not be disappointed with either one.





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