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I finally found a great authentic German restaurant in the states. It's the Bavaria in Hooksett, NH. It's great food & of course German Biers
The owner Chef is from small town near Munich

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Nice Gary..  only a few miles from my place.  I will need to stop by with the family and check it out.

You'll enjoy it Bob. It brought back so many memories that I haven't thought in years.
If you ever get down to the Orlando Florida area you should try the Willow Tree Cafe in nearby Sanford. I married a German so the bar is set pretty high regarding German cuisine but Willow Tree in Sanford Florida is the best I've had. They have a grilled Schweinehaxe that's as big as a football and all sorts of German beer from the tap.

Been there; the curry wurst was pretty good if I remember right. Also the potato salad. Dessert tray is outstanding. Restaurant is not far from the memorial park on the lakefront, where there is a plaque about the 2d Dragoons being stationed there during the Seminole Wars.

Eric, you need to get a picture of that plaque!!!!!

If you are ever in Washington State, you have to go through Leavenworth in Eastern Washington. It is an entire Bavarian town. More German restaurants, bakeries and delis in Washington than you can shake a stick at.

Leavenworth, WA. - best visited in winter.  You'd think you were in Garmisch.  Love it.

As long as it isn't like Grafenwoehr.

No mud, no dust, no tanks.  Not as good as Graf.

You guys would be shocked at what Graf is like nowadays. Paved tank trails, state of the art motorpool/maintenance facilities, huge new PX and Commisary where the golf course used to be. Last time I was there the old "Stab and Jab" Pineview Club was the Range Control Office. Speaking of Pineview Club...remember when 2 ACR and 11 ACR had the black berets? Some genius thought it would be a good idea to send the 8th Infantry Division to Graf the same time 2 ACR and 11 ACR were there for gunnery. Only time those two units didn't fight each other was when they were sweeping up the broken glass and mopping the blood off the floor at Pineview Club when some poor sap from 8th Infantry would come in and start some crap about the berets. They must have had the MP station on speed dial back in those days.

Great story, Mike! Ah, the good old days.....

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