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 This can be a place to talk of all things gun related. I think we have a lot of knowledge of guns on this site. And this could be a place to share that knowledge.This can be a place to ask opinions of various guns, ask for help with a problems related to guns or just talking about shooting in general.

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Going to a gun show this weekend.  Looking for a Japanese Arisaka for my WWII collection

Check out the using your lower body video by World Champion cowboy action shooter Jim "long hunter' Finch.

Does anybody have any experience comparing the AR platform to the Sig Sauer 556 being a former Tanker I was issued a pistol I only shot the M-16 in basic training I don't have much time with a AR but was thinking of building one. some guys seem to hate them and others love them some guys really like the Sig 556. any opinions out there?

My work buddy bought the Sig last month.  He put a cheap Bushnell 4X scope on it and it's shooting 5/8ths to 1 inch groups  with most ammunition. (50-55 grain)

Been a while since the question was put.  Things have changed.  But the two schools of thought--direct impingement versus piston rod--seem to be timeless.  The M16 you used and its M4 descendents are all impingement drive, though lots of pistol rod systems have crept in where individual 'operators' have the ability to make their own choices.  For your purposes, pick one.  Impingement=lighter, but has to be kept clean and lubed.  Piston drive=super reliable but heavier and can still mess up.  Look at manufacturer for parts availability and responsiveness of service.  Look at available optional equipment and add ons.  Decide how much you want to spend--it can run from 700-5000.  Then buy a gun and shoot the snot out of it.  Your opinions will evolve as you gain experience. 

My recommend,... buy a cheap entry AR, shoot the hell out of it, then decide what you really want and go after it.  S&W M&P 15 Sport is a great cheap entry point.  But you'll probably want more later.

Have fun this weekend Jason and if you have time check out the black rifle 22lr"s while you are there there are quite a few on the market today

Shannon, have you seen the new 22 lr Savage brought out this year?  Wicked looking rifle, heavy barrel, wild stock, they made it for long distance shooters.  I won't buy it because I love my Marlin, but it is worth a look.


I was never issued a M-16, being a tanker I had a .45 pistol, and a grease gun, which I really liked.

No RC I have not seen the new savage I will have to look that one up. I have a 22magnum made by savage and i just sold a savage .17 I think they are both model 93's and I recently just purchased a Smith&Wesson M&P15-22  22lr I bought it used and I was just not happy with it so I sold it the other day and went out and bought the Sig Sauer 522 a friend of mine bought the Sig and I am very impressed with the way it is performing very tight shot groups out to 100 to 150 yards no matter what type of ammo he is using. These 22's have made shooting fun again you can by 525 rounds for about $18.00 a box shoot all day and still have money left over to by some bier

As 2/4 Cav was leaving Iraq after Desert Storm, we were told to bring our "trophies" to a central location so they could be properly tagged & documented for shipment stateside.  We were lied to.  (Damn you Gene!)  "They" put all of our guns in a conex & sank it in the Persian Gulf. I had a pretty sweet 9 mm Baretta that I confiscated from an Iraqi Major that I fired several rounds through it before turning it over. Baretta- 9mm automatic licensed to the Iraqi govenment was written on one side of the slide in English, and on the other side was written who knows what in Arabic "snail trails".  In spite of being a Cav lifer, Bradley Master Gunner, and USMC sniper school reject (good shot, but wrong attitude), I'm not a huge gun fan.  That being said, if you guys ever come across an Iraqi 9 mm- automatic give me a heads up.  I am very intested in acquiring that specific pistol.

Bought this Beretta Elite .40 cal from a hooker for $100 and the cops got it before I even got to put a round through it. To my surprise it wasn't hot, but I still never got it back.

That is too bad, that baby looks sweet!!! Looks like a 92C, the one that the barrel ends at the end of the frame.

The 9mm was stolen a few years ago, but I still have the 10-22 and shotgun stashed away.


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