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 This can be a place to talk of all things gun related. I think we have a lot of knowledge of guns on this site. And this could be a place to share that knowledge.This can be a place to ask opinions of various guns, ask for help with a problems related to guns or just talking about shooting in general.

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The thing is, the whole reason behind adopting a new weapon for the military was to incorporate something with more stopping power than the 9mm. The M9 was a perfectly good weapon.

Well Dave you know as well as I do that we should go back to the .45ACP if it was stopping power the Army is looking for. I think I read some where that one of the primary reasons for going with the 9mm back then. is that all of our allies use 9mm and the U.S. military wanted to be uniform with NATO for logistical reasons. I believe that we where the only ones using .45ACP. That being said the Colt 1911 did need to be upgraded they were aging pretty fast and had no rail system. I am not sure if the later versions of the M9 had a rail system. My newer Kimber 1911 does have a rail system, and I am sure the new Sigs do. That could be a factor for changing manufacturers Who knows for sure.

Picked up a Sig Sauer P 938 it is a 9mm single action sub compact. Any one familiar with the 1911 will feel right at home with this piece it is pretty much a miniature 1911 it also comes chambered in 380 and that one is called a P 238.  Both of them will fit in the palm of your hand. Check it out.Image result for sig sauer p938 extreme review



Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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