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Alright all you 19D's here is a chance to name/design what you consider the ideal scout vehicle. Remember this is subjective/highly personal, there are no right or wrong ideas just the freedom to name what you want and why.


Have fun

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I want something that will shoot, scoot, and disappear into the background like a gal farting in an elevator. It has to keep me warm/cool, protected, and happy.

It has to have artificial intelligence capable of instantly planning the proper angle of attack or path of least resistance, dependent upon my hyper-sensitive fight-or-flight response.

No buttons or switches to fumble with or get confused in the heat of battle...this sucker has to be hard-wired into my brain. My right ear doesn't work worth a shit after my earplug fell out just as the Sheridan next to me was firing. They can put the plug there.

Stuck? This rig had better be able to drag me up El Capitan like Old Glory going up a flag pole, whether by wheels, winches, or witchcraft.

Has to be quiet and able to maneuver in tight spaces. Neutral steer is a must, and the ability to jump small obstacles would be nice.

It's already been built.  I was always partial to the M113.  Relatively low profile, with 360 degree observation by all crew members!  When I transitioned to a Bradley, I couldn't stand it.  The only person who had 360 visibility was the BC who was already too busy reading maps, talking on the radio and giving crew commands.
Ideal Scout Vehicle

• Low Silhouette
• Nimble/Maneuverable
• Fast
• Minimal crew needs; How many M3 CAV’s have you seen with a full crew
• Ability to deploy weapons under cover
• Ability to engage and defeat personal, thin skinned and light armored targets
• Protection from shrapnel and small arms fire
The winner is;
The IFVL from BAE Systems. Based on the M113A3, a powered one man stabilized turret mounting a 25 mm Bushmaster and M240 Coax and smoke grenade launchers are added. The vehicle retains all the hall marks of the M113; ability to swim, good vision, space for equipment, etc while having enhanced performance and protection from the Rise upgrades. To add anti armor punch the vehicle would carry AT4’s and either the FGM 148 Javelin or M3 MAAWS. I prefer the M3.

OOOHHHH!! Talk dirty to me, Madd Matt!!!!

You sure know how to get a trooper in the mood!!!!

Yeah man; it has a heater and room for a cooler.
SPECTER AC 130 Gunship: Has digital imaging, closed circut television, IR, thermal imaging,  and enough firepower to smoke anything on the ground like a cheap cigar. The Grandson of Puff The Magic Dragon.

German Weasel.  Small, fast, agile.  TOW, 20mm or mortar configurations.  Air droppable too.  Check it out:



The weasel is a sweet ride.
With suround sound, DVD player and built in cooler.  :o)
Yup, gotta have a cooler!
As long as we are building this vehicle I really think it should have cup holders comfortable seats and a microwave and I also see room were we could put in a beer making machine it would be next to the air conditioning heater exchange unit below the gps and  internet connections right by the cooler. I think that should be standard eqipment that would really compliment that fire control system


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