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info on an accident at Philippsreut / Bischofsreut (Freyung-Grafenau County) close to the Czech border happening on 4 Feb 1983

Guys, I am looking for information concerning an auto accident near the German/Czech border on 4 Feb 1983 that killed three soldiers from the Regiment.  A local news media wants to do a story on the 30 Anniversry of the accident.  Attached is a picture of a monument that was placed on/near the site of the accident.  US-Soldaten.jpg


Thanks, Ryan

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Great to hear from u2!

I was not there in feb ,I was still in Boeslager.

We did something similar back in '72 at Hof.Me and another guy had motorpool guard from 3pm -7pm.It was in Dec. and was cold,so we backed a M-114 up next to the guard shack.Took a tarp and made a funnel and stared up the engine.It got warm as hell,but we got hellish headaches.Luckily the shack had so many holes between the boards,that some of the fumes went out, so we survived.On our next 4 hours we said F*ck it and got in a jeep with the heater on. If I recall on Reforger in '71,like 13 guys died in a M-88,sleeping with the hatches closed and the motor running.We all did some dumb sh*t back then.

There is a lengthy discussion about this hidden somewhere here on Dragoon Base, with pictures of the monument and personal accounts. No idea where to even begin looking.

Dave, any idea when the conversation took place OR how to find it? Was it on this forum or one of the other versions?






If I had to guess, I'd say it was in one of the Groups discussion boards. I went through all the general discussions last night, and Fiddler's Green, too. Didn't see anything that caught my attention.

Ryan,I searched Baldwin in the top right corner of this page and the discussion Dave mentioned is there ,"a sad day for K troop" .Jeff Harrington started the discussuion.


Here is the link, Ryan....http://dragoonbase.com/photo/very-sad-day-for-k-troop

I remember it. It wasn't pretty.  If I recall correctly, Baldwin was from HHT with no field experience whose wife didn't want him to go in the first place- call it a premonition.  Ryan, you might find an article in the old "Dragoon" newsletter. I glanced at the History Center's editions of the Dragoon, but it was predominately Capstone 81 stuff.



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