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Looking for full name of Sr turret mech killed in 1977 from HHT Co.

Need help to find the name of the SGT/SFC killed in graf in 1977. He killed working on a Sheridan tank. He accidently hit a switch and it pinned him to turret. Looking to contact anybody from M-Company from 1975 thur 1978.I operated M65 (bladed tank) and the (bridge tank).

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I think his last name was wiederman ssg

I do not recall his name but it was in Graf by a church I was the sr turret mech for K troop and two weeks later

I was transferred over HHT to take over as the SR turret mech our K trp Cmdr was Capt Scott Marcy and 1st

Sgt was 1st Law at the time I was a SSG Lee B White

SSG Frank A. Wiederman. Buried at Calvary Cemetery, Johnson City, Broome County, New York.

Headstone says he was a WW II vet and died in 1976.

I don't remember his name but he was a SSG.  And he was in L Troop.  I was there on the range for my last gunnery.  It hit all of us real hard because he was an awesome NCO and well liked by everyone.

Yes Wiedamen, not sure of the spelling. But if I remember correctly it was L-12. He had pulled the traverse and elevation cards out. It looked as though he reached over to the gunners control and hit the palm switch. The gun tube dropped pinning him against the turret.

I was one of the guys trying to get him out of the tank. There were two medics that performed CPR on him until medavac got there and it took quite sometime for them to get there. I think they said they had to shut down all the ranges before they could fly in.

Sorry I don't remember his first name. I think he was to young to have been in WWII.

We must have been on the range for several days because his wife came out to see what had happened.

Yes we all took it pretty hard. I think he had several young childern.




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