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Guys we are putting together a diorama in the museum of a border jeep circa 1983. We picked this specific time frame due to the camo pattern we have on our ID'd border jeep in the collection.


I am looking for details about what we should have in the jeep to give it that extra attention to detail that you vets will appreciate when you see it.


So did you carry things like ammo boxes, cammo nets? etc. etc. anything you guys can add (pics would be great) that we can add to the jeep would be greatly appreciated.




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Gene, I remember the jeeps set up both ways,the patrols I went on we had no M60 we had only our personal weapons which were .45's and grease guns if you were issued a M16 that is what you brought I guess it depended on your MOS and what they issued you tankers had grease guns and .45's. but I did see jeeps with M60's and wooden half doors they may have belonged to the line troopers and they brought them to the border with them and used them on patrol. If I remember correctly there were jeeps assigned to the border camps permanently and they may not of had the 60's on them maybe some one else can remember.

I seem to remember that there were permanent jeeps at the border camps. It has been a lot of years and I am sure my memory of those times are fogged by time. I do remember believing we were a privileged few doing  an important job.I still believe that. Not many people can say they walked the line between the Free West and the Communist East where there was no fence in sight in most places. All of us were in Czech territory a few times in between Border Stones. Those were the days, Brothers! We all pissed and moaned but Damn, I miss it.

The pain of being underpaid, freezing cold, and dog tired has long faded, but the pride I developed by do those patrols will last a life time!


Guys, I am late shooting some updated pics of the jeep, I will try and get them out to you tomorrow.  I also finally got some green do rags, so I need a quick clinic on how to do a drive on rag for my border guy! 

Fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Roll it up starting with the  long axis. Wrap it around the LT's neck  For the "casual" look,  just tie it in loose overhand knot.  For the practical look, don't even roll it.  Just wrap it around his neck so it could be used as dust mask (ala The Duke). If you still need help, find Steve Wesnoski running around Vilseck.  He'll be able to hook you up.

Border Jeeps had the regular US Army radio to talk to Border Ops... but they also had something called a Vincent device or attachment..

Yep.  "Old school" scramblers.  Precursors to SINCGARS.

Here's a couple of pix's from 1982, border mutt in the front and E-6 Capt Berry's in back

I don't recall us ever carrying that much on a patrol.  Too many sensitive items.  Before they added the hard tops, (83?) we always drove with the soft tops up.  We did have the half doors and a second heater between the seats.  Too bad the 151 isn't in Dualtex, that was a 2nd ACR trademark.


I can't believe you gave a 2nd LT a map, though this particular 2nd LT really is a dummy..............


Well until I get a good SPC or NCO put up I needed a map holder! The paint job on this jeep is original and I was TOLD it was actually used by the regiment for border patrol so I cannot change it.  That being said I am in the process of restoring a 151 and I am going to use the dueltex camo on it actually Bill's Jeep is going to be my model with the cross sabers on the hood!  pics to follow of course.



We use to have to have a certain amount of German coins " Pfennigs" to use at pay phones, due to loss of radio transmissions. It was part of our inspection layout before patrol.


PRC 77 and batteries for dismounting patrol, Border Map, MRE's, Water Can, Gas Can




Wool Army blankets for winter.

Ryan, working on rebuilding a M151A2 myself right now also, check out g838.org  in the Restoration Projects forum under A2 rebuild


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