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Guys we are putting together a diorama in the museum of a border jeep circa 1983. We picked this specific time frame due to the camo pattern we have on our ID'd border jeep in the collection.


I am looking for details about what we should have in the jeep to give it that extra attention to detail that you vets will appreciate when you see it.


So did you carry things like ammo boxes, cammo nets? etc. etc. anything you guys can add (pics would be great) that we can add to the jeep would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey Ryan, great job keep up the great work,I remember maps,camo nets C-rations, night vision goggles I think we called them CAV NAVS or something like that, prc77 radios, ammo ,seems like I remember seeing some jeeps with a M60 mounted on them, our personal weapons what was the book called that you used to encode and decode messages? you had to wear it around your neck and I am sure I am forgetting a thing or two.this was up until I left in 1980..

The SOI was the book you are referring to. How about the 5-ton heater mounted between the seats?

Are you talking about the CEOI?


Yep, CEOI back then. Later it was changed to the SOI. Good catch

These are from Camp Gates 1984 if this helps.

Tops on the jeeps?!!!

Look at these poor suckers from the early 1950's.

Guys, GREAT STUFF keep the pictures coming!


so what do you guys think?  Hard top or soft top?  we were looking at putting an M60 on a mount in the jeep, we want it to be a accurate recon jeep, would that be the best configuration to show?


we are hoping to move the jeep into the gallery next week!  pics to follow


Thanks again


Line dogs running the trace had wire catchers & M60 mounts. If memory serves, I think there was sort of bi-pod  that was connected to the tow shackels.  It was welded to the wire catcher which was nothing more than some angle iron that ran vertically up the grill of the jeep; at some point it made a 45 degree angle away from the jeep. It had a notch cut out near the top to ideally snag any break any wire strung up.  It was to keep the crew from being beheaded.  The MG mounts weren't prefab either. We welded a pipe on a square plate that was bolted to the floor.  We also welded a cap on the top of the pipe with a small  hole for the MG pintle which just kinda sat there. I know, because I helped weld them.  That would be your recon version!  You may want a cush HQ type jeep with a hard top, wooden doors & sliding plexi-glass windows.  They often had twin old school police style rotating amber beacons. Locals would freak out when they saw a ratty jeep with a blue lights ala Polizei. It was a hoot on REFORGER, but I digress.  No such extravagances with border jeeps. Radios, ammo, chow, water,  binos & NODs, and 3-4 really cold troopers. I think there was a cammo net on the hood, usually flapping in the wind pissing off the TC.  At least that's the way it was in 3rd Squadron.

I vote for no top with the M60 mounted on it and no heater!!! maybe some wood half doors would be ok


I would really like to use the first pic you posted in our exhibit but need a higher resoultion scan, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to use it and if you can rescan the pic at a higher resolution?


Here is my work email to send it too.  ryan.t.meyer2.civ@mail.mil



Dave, look at those hard tops!!  Call RC in the 578, pull that jeep out--no problemo!!!



Couple empty German beer bottles a some half-eaten brotchen sandwiches would be nice!


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