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Just picked up this shirt at a local flea Market, what do you all think?  I was told by someone that you guys would wear the brass rank in garrison and the subdue rank in the field, is this true?


anyone know someone named Spec Brandon that was qualified at the 1975 gunnery?


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Hey Ryan I can say from may of 78 we never wore brass on our fatigues ,only wore the brass on our khakis or dress greens

Shannon is correct. Brass on Dress and Khakis only. Otherwise it looks right. 

I concur. Never wore brass on fatigues when I was there.

Maybe it was a squadron thing at one time. I could see the REMF's at Merrill doing that. (Did I say that out loud?)

I also agree with the previous responses.  If any brass shined through, my Section Sgt would tear into my backside.

So this shirt has a gunnery patch from 1975, which would likely make this a 100% cotton shirt.  When did "perma- press" fatigues hit the streets? Without feeling the drape first hand I can't say for sure, but from the color, crease, the shape of the pocket flaps and collar, I think the patch pre-dates the shirt by a few years. I checked Wikipedia and the details were inconclusive.  I had full cotton fatigues up until I rotated back to CONUS in 1980.  You know how some posers put all kinds of military looking ensembles together?  This may be one of "those" uniforms.

Howard, I went thru basic training at Fort Knox Feb of 78 and if I remember correctly my cycle was one of the last ones maybe even the last one, to be issued cotton fatigues.

I was issued cotton fatigues in '75 and they were still around in '79. There were permanent press ones too. I think the shirt as old as the patch.

Yeah, the 2 uniforms probably overlapped in time & space. I just don't remember perma-press as far back as the gunnery patch would suggest. Sorry. Mis-spent youth & lots of brain cells lost...

Replace the gold with subdued. I enlisted in 76, and never wore gold.

Well, I'm going to get you guys scratching your heads a little more. Was the gunnery patch worn on the right, or left pocket. I know the Toujours Pret patch was once worn on the left pocket (when the 7th Army patch was worn on the left shoulder 1950's-1960's), and seem to recall seeing the gunnery patch on the left pocket. Been wrong before, so not putting this in stone.

Qual patch always on right. Some people always relate the TG patches to the Cav, but we had them in 3AD (78-80). The patches went away along with tankers jackets and the black berets in 79.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mike. Owe you a Hofbrau.


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