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Trying to remember - in mid 70's I think you could get 3 fifths of hard liquor/month, 4 cartons of cigs at about $1.50 per carton, and 100 liters of gas. I came home in the late 70's with some ration coupons but I threw them out when I was cleaning house a number of years ago. Anyone recollect them?

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I remember them but not the quantities.....also I think that coffee was rationed as well....

I remember getting 3or 4 bottles a month ,save one or two and sell the rest to comrad.

Sugar too, wasn't it?


Back in the 50's the big ticket item was ice cream because there was no refrigeration on the economy.

Don't remember exact year ,but I do remember the E-7 in charge of mess hall at Pittman got caught selling our meat to locals.Last we saw of him.

Take meat away from a hungry border rat and you are liable to end up on the table with an apple in your mouth and a spit-shined jump boot up your ass!

Really Dave?  What self respecting border rat's gonna have spit shined jump boots?  More likely some muddy tanker boots!

I suppose you're right on that one. Muddy, half-frozen tanker boots at that!

You have a way with words Dave!!






























definatley remember the ration cards, got a carton of marlboro, and a tshirt or tote bag or something for 2 bucks back in the mid 70s, whiskey, well that another story!





When I was there, I thought it funny that people would risk making $10 on a carton of smokes or maybe a little more on liquor when all the rads I new would pay thru the nose for fitted sheets, blue jeans and Bugler snacks! (from the PX)  Haha  I liked giving them as gifts and they thought I was a rich guy!

In 1972, cigs were $1.90 a carton. You could get 4 cartons a month and 1 bottle of hard stuff,regardless what size.

Jim Beam cost $3.80 a half gallon and you could sell it to Komrade for $20 U.S. You could get around $10 U.S.

for a carton of cigs. Don't know about the gas,but you were allowed ,I think, 1 pound of coffee and a certain amount of

tea also. I'm not a coffee drinker,but you could get all of that you wanted at the messhall,or maybe it was rationed for

off-base troopers.

There was a group of  7 or 8 of us that hung together and on saturdays we would go to the commissay at Christensen Barracks and get the meat rations. If I remember right it was 5 or 10 pounds. We would usually get steaks and hamburger and grill out behind the HWB/D Troop barracks play football toss the frisbee and play hacky sack.  Had to keep the beer hid because the barracks was dry usually payed off both CQ's with a steak to keep quiet.


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