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Trying to remember - in mid 70's I think you could get 3 fifths of hard liquor/month, 4 cartons of cigs at about $1.50 per carton, and 100 liters of gas. I came home in the late 70's with some ration coupons but I threw them out when I was cleaning house a number of years ago. Anyone recollect them?

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Yes - think coffee was on the card, because I recall person unknown coming to person unknown and explaining that there was an upcoming party at the 12th Panzer Brigade and their sergeants were looking for coffee and liquor, and willing to trade Bundeswehr infrared-absorbing paint for it.  So, person unknown got out his ration card.  Can't remember how many drums of paint we got, but it was enough to paint all I Troop vehicles when we went up to the Border.  The German paint was just a tad darker than our paint, and a bit more matte finish to it.  The Troop sure looked good, all freshly painted, and with the same batch of paint!

Mid "70's"...Monthly nice off post housing and gym membership....cigs, orange vodka and red meat.   :-}

I was there from 55-58 and we had cigs and coffee rationed .  4 cartons of cigs a month and we got 20 marks downtown for a carton and I sold a lot of them , would get ration cards from non-smokers there where a few .  There was absoulutely no booze allowed in the barracks and no pop machines.  Hair had to be cut every two weeks and I still do that.  I(f you had a way to get cigs up to the border you could get double the price for them I sup0pose some of them ended up in Checkolvkia.

The ration cartds were

50  single packs of cigarettes  10 cents a pack

4    cartons of cigarettes $1.99 a carton

5    liters of booze

5    pounds of sugar

2   pounds of coffee

tea was also rationed

At laest this is what's on the ration card that I have in my scrap book from 1979.



Yes sir, we had them when I was at Amberg, (66-68). Cigs, I think were $1.25  a carton, 4 or 5 a month,  Being single and under the rank of E-6, didn't have Class 6 priveledges (Hard liquor).  If I wanted more than Beer had to go to the club and buy it by the drink.

I remember them hard boze cigs and coffee i did not smoke myself so every month i would make a few hundred extra marks on the black market.

i have a ration card i believe. i'll dig it out.4cartons of smokes 2.50 apiece when i was there.i remember some guys buying a car (a very bad car, no floor board in back, steering stabililizer nonexisistent,people ended up dying in a wreck.citroen, that looked liked a vw from the side, from the frontsides were flat.) for  a case of kesseler. one ration card worth i believe.

Don, I was one of the people who went in on that car. We all bought a gallon of Kesslers,and  talked this old German into the deal. Nobody had a license but we drove the hell out of it.Made a few trips to Regensberg for that fun crumbly stuff.I remember that one of your pictures in  your room was right after one of those trips.I don't remember the car getting smashed, But I do remember the missing floorboard and the shifter in the dash board. You didn't want to fall asleep in the back seat!  Can't remember who else went in on it. It was a Volvo.

Oh yeah Jeffrey.. comrad loved smokes and coffee...

what i remember about ration cards was, you could get a carton of cigs at the commisary for $1.50 take it to Frankfort andf spend all weekend in the redlight district and never spend a dime!!  Coffee and Jim Beam for rent money.  Never did it, just rumors!!


they were still using them through 1995 when I left Germany for the second time. So much fraud happened during the draw down of the '90s. A group of Soldiers in my unit were convicted of counterfeiting ration cards. It would have continued had one idiot not went to a commissary where an NCO's wife worked.  Sent one to Mannheim Confinement, several accepted Chapter 10 discharges.


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