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Trying to remember - in mid 70's I think you could get 3 fifths of hard liquor/month, 4 cartons of cigs at about $1.50 per carton, and 100 liters of gas. I came home in the late 70's with some ration coupons but I threw them out when I was cleaning house a number of years ago. Anyone recollect them?

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Dry barracks?!!! WTF?!!!

Sorry John, but the only time I can remember our barracks being dry is when the beer machine ran out, which was quite often. We would have probably defected, lock, stock, and barrel, if they took our beer away.

Yes a couple of time when I was there we had our alcohol privelages revoked. HWB was known to be pretty rowdy usually only lasted abou 2 weeks to a month. It was always no hard liquor and if i remember right when we were allowed beer it was a 6pack limit. Yes iI do remember the coke machine in the day room that sold beer I think it was 50cents a can usually Budweiser. I was there from 86 to 89.
I think our three choices of beer were Bud, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Schlitz, and I do seem to remember a couple times we were expecting an alert and the alcohol was locked down.
I wasn't a big drinker back then lol mostly beer and wine and I remember we didn't need the ration card for wine from the class 6 store I think that was the name of the liquor store.

My booze went down the hill to Heinz at Heinz's Gasthof and Country Discotech in Brand.  Anyone stationed there in 1979?

AHHH ! Heinz's gasthof house .Best damn snitzel in Germany, Good beir to wash it down. My favorite camp.72-74

yes, was there from 76-79  I knew a german that owned a disco

...lol....they also sold us esso gas stamps  But all the booze and cigarette rations I bummed off the barracks guys were for my personal use...I swear...

Between 74 and 77 you could get 5 cartons of cigarettes and 2 1/2 gals of liquor per month...no clue on the rest of that junk. You could also buy one pack of cigarettes per day at the 2 lane bowling alley at Pond Barracks.

Hello "O".....

I really enjoyed my time in the 3/2 ACR.....K-Troop/HHQ,  "1973-78", reconnected with several fellow Soldier's I knew in the "BERG", that happen to live in the Pacific Northwest near my current residence. Attached is a photo of my presious wife and her friend (Wife of Seal Team Operator) getting prepared to pacifying the "HOOD" prior to a trip to the local Mall. ............

Toujours Pret



I was there 68-70 I remember the rations for cirgaretts were 4 cartoons at .17 cents a pack/ 1.70 a cartoon..

If I remember correct when you used them the used a hole puncher when you bought something never drank coffee but don't recall that  being rationed. Never a hard liquor drinker or smoker but used my ration card a lot lol

Early 80's they rationed smokes (cigarettes), coffee, sugar and booze. We could get 4 cartons, 4 bottles and who cares about coffee or sugar. In addition the cards had 50 ndividual packs you could buy. I mostly chewed and smoked stoggies so I was able to do some free market trade.



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