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RE: Fall of the Wall Party 9 Nov - You Are Invited!

Modlareuth actually has a web site you can access to view what was once known as the Little Berlin.
(www.modlareuth.de) A portion of the wall was still standing when I was last there in 2001, and the rest is a reminder. In the museum is (at least was) a set of BDU's that were donated by MSG McConnell, who was in E Troop when I go there in 1980, and then went to work at Regiment until retirement. I worked at Camp Hof in Border Operations when then Vice President George H.W. Bush visited the Camp and was taken on a visit near Modlareuth. Here, he made a little known statement - "Ich bin ein Modlareuther".

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To any who are interested, Eagle Troop was the assigned Troop to Coburg when it opened up. The next day we were "invaded" with no less than a thousand East Germans all driving those little "Trabants" I think they were called. I was on gate duty that day and met a lot of nice people. They hung aroud for a few days and then all just went back home now that they were now back to being unified Germans. I wish I was able to appreciate the moment more. I wish I could be there next month to relive it.
Oh yes, the Trabant that came in 6 different colors and supposedly took 4 years of waiting to get! A friend of mine actually shipped one back tot he U.S. when her returned. It is sitting in Kentucky. Maybe I should ask him if I could borrow it for the reunion in May 2010!


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