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Does anyone remember a bar called the Shutzenheim (sic) in Amberg? It was ther during the 70's and was on the far outskirts of town as I recall. It was more of a locals (german) bar then the Melody and others in town. I can't remember the owners name but he was a really nice guy who loved Americans and would often comp a cash poor GI at the end of the month with a free currywust mit pommes frites dinner. I believe the name Shutzenheim refers to a rifle and pistol shooting range that I think was located out in the back of the place.

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When we qualified for our schutzenschnur (sp), I think your bar was adjacent to the range.  We couldn't drink while firing, but made up for it back on post during the awards ceremony.

Was this place in GAILOH  ???

As I remember GAILOH was to the left out the front gate..no shutzeheim that way.  To get to the shutzenheim  you turned right went through or around amberg proper to get there so I don't think it was in Gailoh but thanks for thinking about it for me. I would like to send him a thank you note if I ever catch up with him.

Ernie, I found this on Besttable.net:


Am Kugelfang 36

92224 Amberg

Phone +49 (9621) 604605

Thanks Dave, I checked your suggestion out and that is definitely the old schutzenheim! I also put the address in google maps and checked out the satellite view and you can see what looks like a shooting area in back of the building. You can also see it is pretty far from Post. On google the address is notated as "Schwarzer Peter Gaststatte" If my memory serves me Peter was the name of the owner when I was there in 74. Perhaps thats him or his son.  My mission is complete I can send a thank you to that address and hope for the best. Thanks

I looked at the sat photo also, that looks right.  I think the ranges are under the large roof.  I belonged to the club in 78 (I think, sorta fuzzy on the year).  A great bunch of people.  The bar opened after all shooting was done and the guns were locked up.  They would break out a huge stein with some sort of alcohol and fruit concoction and pass it around.  They also had a pipe made from a tree branch that they would fire up and pass around (like a peace pipe routine).  I smoked Captain Black back then, they loved it and I would supply their tobacco.  Between border duty, Graf, Reforger, etc, etc, etc, I didn't get to go there a lot.

Thanks for sharing the memory Nate. I remember passing the large stein around, I think we used to sing some crazy song when it was getting passed around. Don't recall the pipe though. Many good times in the Schutzenheim!

 A pic of the current schutzenheim now called Schwarzer Peter ( Black Peter) website: www.restaurant-schwarzer-peter.de/index.htm 

My pleasure, Ernie.

Toujours Pret!

Yes Mark I do remember that incident. Some of the younger Germans didn't appreciate losing on the foosball table or us "playing" with the local woman. Some of those foosball games can get pretty heated! Just to show you guys what a righteous person Peter was. After that fight, he expelled the german trouble makers from the bar but not us Mike, Lindsey, etc.! Peter was a cool cat and quite large man if I recall.  Also he wanted to personally give those schweinhund an attitude adjustment. We talked him out of it because we didn't want to see him get in trouble. Besides nothing a couple of Cav guys couldn't handle themselves right?

I remember it too, only went there a few times. Mainly when we wanted to get away from all the other bars and try and find some "fresh" girls. Havent thought of it in years but next time I'm there will definitely drop in and have a few.

It looks like this place is a little about Maria Hilf church to the right.During my time never went there ,guys that were with me also never heard of the place. 69-71.


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