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I have a friend of mine in FL named Steve Copening,  who is a jeweler. He was not fortunate enough to have served in THE Regiment, but he did serve in the 82nd.


He has come up with a simple yet elegant sterling silver ring with the crossed sabers of the Cav with the numeral 2 above the sabres, and a Fleur de Lis under them. I've attached a photo of what it will look like.


if anyone is interested in purchasing one, please let me know, and i will either send the info on to Steve, or provide you with his contact info. The price is momentarily at $215 each. Perhaps if we get enough interest generated that can be lowered. Let me know here or at :



Toujour Pret


Marc Jones


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Marc I would be interested in the contact information you have for the jewler.

Thank you



This is a very beautiful ring and fits the 2nd Cav. I would be interested.

Marc not sure how soon I can buy one but I'd like the jeweler contact info also.Looks like a great ring.


David Sine

Marc ,This is a classy piece ! I'm also intrested ! please post the contact info .

hey guys, i like it as well. unfortunately the jeweler has notified me that the ring as depicted cannot be manufactured. apparently, CAD images do not translate into real world object. what do i know? i was only an 11C...


the new design will feature the crossed sabres on top. and  the Fleur de lis will be engraved on one side of the ring and the "2nd ACR" on the otherside.


the good news on this is, it will significantly lower the cost of the ring.


OR, i can try and find another jewelry manufacturer that IS capable of the original design...your thoughts gentlemen?



I personally like the original design on the other hand I like reduced cost.It would be helpful to see the new design before judgement but as we all know if it is Cav it's got to be good. My 2cents Marc we will see what the others say.

here is the concept sketch from the jeweler. Again, your feedback is appreciated.


The first design was just to darn nice got a feeling everything else will come up short.Without the No.2 above the sabres it really seems to lose some of the luster or recognition.The fleur- de- lis  on the side isn't bad it just needs something to go with the Sabres on the ring face maybe 2nd on top or Cav below Sabres? Hey I'm an old guy what do I know.I just really liked the first design.Maybe we can get more input.Not trying to be difficult Marc just not sold yet on new design.
I agree the No. 2 above the crossed sabres along with the other changes would be nice.  I'm interested.  Too bad they couldn't have done it the original way above.  That was the nicest.
Marc both design's are very nice the only thing I would say is that I think it would be nice to have the 2 above the sabers and maybe have the unit crest on the side where it says 2nd ACR I also prefer the sabers having a bit of a curve to them like the second design that seems to be more traditional. That is my two cents worth thanks for posting this...Shannon.

I would also most definately be interested in this. I have a unit ring from my grandfather that is about 65 years old that has been passed down to me and would like something similar for my grandchildren when I pass.


Just one other thing I was thinking about Marc, if the 2nd ACR ends up staying on maybe it should just say 2nd CAV we need to think about the newer Troopers that are in the 2nd SCR the ring needs to appeal to Troopers from all time periods. A 2 above the sabres would work for all time periods.


Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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