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After reading comments about the Movie "Fury" I can still hear the casings from the 7.62 or 50 Cal. rolling around on the tank. One would nearly bust their ass slipping on them, or sometimes did.

  I know you all can recall the smell of the Main gun as it recoiled either a casing or Aft Cap. Spent many a night at Graf down range with the turret full of smoke with the red light shining through the smoke and the whining noise of the turret motor and tank engine.

Damn Right!! IT WAS! THE BEST JOB I EVER HAD....... 

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Guy at work and I were out having a smoke yesterday. He asked me how people could tell if it was going to be a cold winter? I told him when I was in the CAV by how early in the month of November my heater went tit's up.

It's like a kick in he gut whenever I smell diesel fuel burning.

Heater? What heater? I haven't seen Fury. I may wait for the DVD. Diesel does the same thing to me Dave.

Got so bad for me Gene, I had to stop driving for awhile. I'd get behind a big truck and all of a sudden I'd be crying like a baby. Had to pull over a couple times. Tried telling my counselor at the VA about it and I fell apart in his office. That's when he convinced me to apply for a PTSD disability.

I can't speak to the sound and smell of diesel fuel and smoke but to this day my most remembered aroma was of the honey wagons. Now THAT brings a tear to MY eyes.


Honey wagons! Oh yeah, that brings back memories I would rather forget. Farmers in my neck of the woods are spreading chicken s#!t from chicken farms as fertilizer and it is as bad as the honey wagons.

you must be in Ohio?


Gailoh in the spring planting season when on PT runs. Organic (barn scrapings all Winter, fermented) freshly applied to the fields. Lovely aroma

Some of my best memories are from maneuvering across a Bavarian field flinging shit 30' in the air from a tank or a PC! Best job I ever had!!


I remember the smell of the "accident" at Graf '77 when the Sheridan main gun went off and hit the searchlight track. Damn!



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