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Starting to get a little confused with the recent pictures

This is the way I remembered the layout for Pond Barracks...is this correct or am I really senile?

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looks good to me although every time i went there it was to deliver or pick up something badly needed someplace else. never got the nickle tour. i did get a memorable breakfast once.
OK ....then this pic by Andrew Sorensen must've been taken from the helo pad...would'nt that make the building M co instead of K Troop...not busting on anybody just want to clear it up...thanks

That was Mco. on the left side, I was on the 3rd floor from 78 to 80, but we did share that bldg. with some other Troop's they used the right side door, I can not remember who it was at this moment...

C'mon Shannon!  It was your brothers in K Troop downstairs.  You guys used to steal beer off our window sills with boot laces & coat hangers.

Your right Howard, its all coming back to me now. Sorry about that. LOL If I can make it to the reunion the first few are on me..

Yeah, me and Shannon got rudely escorted out of that building in July 2011 by some wrinkled up old hag who slammed the door behind us. I still chuckle when I think about it. Almost made the pain from my bee sting (as I was exiting the car) go away that day. Welcome to Pond Barracks...ZAP!!! And don't come back...SLAM!!!

Yes that was quite a day Dave, I bet nobody is going to get at that old ladys bier off of her window sill..

She must have been ex-Gestapo!

 Either that or some G.I. loved her and left her back in the day, and is still pissed about it... or maybe she is still there from the asylum days, just never left.

That's it! Asylum leftover!! I knew she looked a little crazy. Imagine, messing with a couple hardened border troopers like that. Should have snapped her photo. That would have REALLY set her off.

WHEN iIWAS THERE IN 69-71.The mess hall and S-4 are OK.The first building on the left of S-4 was Half M-Co. and half HOW Battery .The building marked Mco. was K-Troop.The first on the left was L Troop.The one marked K Troop was I Troop and S1,S2 S3 where the big wigs were.The one in behind the one marked K troop was Headquarters Troop. This was when I was Stationed there 1969-1971.After that things probably changed a lot.
Also now there is a traffic circle where the 2 streets meet near the front gate.
The picture that Andrew posted is the old mess hall and the building on the right when I was stationed there was K Troop.That was 69-71.After I left they changed around the buildings that the troopers stayed in.


Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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