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Does anyone remember the Tech Rep from Hughes who walked into a Cobra tail rotor at Graf, it happened on the FARRP west of Camp AAchen, I was a armament mechanic on the Cobras and on the FARRP when it happened. I was just wondering if anyone else remembers it.

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I remember the incident, had to be fall of 84 or spring of 85, after getting out new M1 tanks.  I was at Graf at the time, one of 3/2s troops were on maneuvers (I don't remember which one), and I was driving the Squadron Commander (LTC Bird), when we heard the radio traffic.  At the time I thought "that's stupid how could someone not notice a running helicopter".  Years later, I became an aviation crewchief, and now understand how complacency probably contributed to the accident.  We worked around the outside of running aircraft, including the tail rotor, frequently.  Not a stupid mistake.  The tech was most likely focused on whatever task he was doing, probably tired, under pressure to get something fixed, and lost focus on the immediate situation.


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