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The last time I was back was August 2006 to mark the 20th anniversary of my arrival in Amberg.  If you find yourselves with the means to go, do it.  You won't be sorry.  It was a little bittersweet, I admit, but I'm glad I went.  I realize that first duty station was the best time of my now 25 year career!

Here's a few links that can kind of take you back to downtown Amberg.  They are live web cams that refresh every minute.  I saved them to my favorites and everytime I think of Amberg, I'll go take a look.  Enjoy!




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What year and what unit were you in/ My name is Barry Hemingway and i was station there from Feb 85- Dec 86. I was HQ as a PLL/DISPATCHER.


I arrived right out of OSUT in June 86 and left in February 88.  I was a Scout in L Trp.

I was in Ltrp #rd Herd 81-83 Tanker

  Hi Guys,. this is Roger Minnick,   I was in Amberg from Sept 80 to July 84.   I agree,. it was by far the best time of my life & my 11 yrs in service.  

I have never been more proud of my mission or service, that when I was in Pond Barracks.

I do get a chance to go back every 5 years or so,.mostly due to work somewhere else in Duetchland.  I also still have many German friends there I still,.to this day keep in touch with. 

Sadly,.very little resemblance of Pond Barracks still are there.   Some buildings, but completely remodeled into apartments.  I still love the town though !   Toujours Pret

I was at Pond Barracks from 68-71, it is hard for me to believe they made the barracks apartments, if I remember correctly, there were only two showers in hdq. trp. 1st and 3rd floors.  I've seen the pics and know they did, must have been a massive overhaul.  RC Johnson

Showers were in the basement.

Thank you for the links; I will archive them in my favorites and visit them often. I have wanted to go back to Amberg for many, many years; not noly because of my duty in Pond Barracks, '69 - '72, but because I was born in Fuerth (Nurenberg), which is the result of a long story of which I will not inflict upon you now.

Congrats on your Long Career. God Bless you Career Soldiers. You men who we referred to as "Lifers" are the core backbone of our fighting forces. Americas Military veterans know this and your service is honored.

Thank you very much for your service to America. 

Thanks for the kind words John!

I wonder if the Troopers from Vilseck are able to go to downtown Amberg to see this .Giving them the holiday feeling and to relax a little? The last time we were over there we talked to some guys from Vilseck,that was during the summer of 2002.


I'm sure they know.  From what I understand, 2nd Cav Troopers still go to Amberg to raise some hell.  Here's a link to the Grafenwoehr/Vilseck Garrison newspaper:  http://www.rlehner.de/milcom/bn/curriss.html



I arrived at Bond Barracks in April 73 and left in September 74.  Worked in S-4 out of HHC during this time.  Amberg is a nice and layed back city making my stay enjoyable.  Yes, the barracks are gone, not the memories.....Bruce Bricks

As I stated in my profile: arrived in June of 1966.  Assigned to the S4 and worked in the basement at the beginning.  As time when on did a number of jobs.  CW2 Patterson was in charge.  Also ddid the laundry run for the sqdn going to Regensberg.  It was go to get out and see other places.  If I recall, a castle or two along the way.  Also did the muntions for the sqdn and when out to the airfield time to time.  Got promoted thru a L trp slot to Sgt.  Did the Rations for the sqdn and was out each day on the road.  Got are supplies thru Graf.  Also did the border camps and back to Amberg to re supply.  Don't remember when it happened but it did maybe early 1968 a new commander.  Any new promotions, you must work in that position.  I when to L trp as a scout leader. End of the year Dec.68 got my orders for Nam.  It's a city I will never forget and the friendly people.  And yes, It's been a long time and things change.  Amberg has grown greatly.  I did get a chance to return to Amberg in April 1992.  Bruce, Thank you for serving and a Merry Christmas to you.




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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