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The last time I was back was August 2006 to mark the 20th anniversary of my arrival in Amberg.  If you find yourselves with the means to go, do it.  You won't be sorry.  It was a little bittersweet, I admit, but I'm glad I went.  I realize that first duty station was the best time of my now 25 year career!

Here's a few links that can kind of take you back to downtown Amberg.  They are live web cams that refresh every minute.  I saved them to my favorites and everytime I think of Amberg, I'll go take a look.  Enjoy!




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Thanks for the information regarding your time in the service and thanks for being one of those guys for serving our country.  All the best to you and your family and those families who are serving oversees.

Eric,when we were last there the Troopers we talked to told me that there was a bus from Graf & Vilseck that brought them to Amberg for the day.And took them back in the evening.I don't think anyone was deployed then.

Man. I remember that I troop was out "in the field" for 9 months straight - everyvody said we really got screwed. First we went to Grag. then to the border for a month. Then we went to Hohenfels, everybody bolo'd the new Sheridans. So we stayed an extra 30 days. Then we went back to the border. Then we had to stay another month at the border cause K Troop still did not qualify their tanks. And back to Graf. and Hohenfels and then the border again. We were so demoralized by that time that some people were actually talking about awol and how cool it would be to become Switzerland's newest citizens.

By gosh, some of them guys made it sound so attractive that I could see myself going over the wall with them. Fortunately, it turned out to be so much hot air. And when we finally got back to Pond Barracks, Col. Blake told our C{O we , all of us, in I Trp. could have 2 weeks off.

I remember them weeks went by real fast although we were mostly all broke and bored layin in the bunks all day and just showin up for mess once or twice a day.



Yes, I didnt realize it back then, but Amberg was by far the best duty station I ever had in my 22 year career in the army.  I still remember going to the rock cafe, harmonies, melodies, and sometimes happy rock. and who couold forget mikes beerhouse and romas?

In retrospect, I wonder what influence my first duty station had in shaping future career decisions. Has anyone else considered the implications?  I did twenty years (and a week), and swear that rolling onto Pond Barracks as a slick sleeve Private was the best thing that could've happened.  Most of you guys know that I spent a total of 5 years in Amberg, another year in transition/turmoil at Ft. Lewis, and then moved the Regiment down to Ft. Polk.  I sometimes wonder if I would have originally gone to some lame outfit with no mission or no pride, would I have spent the majority of my adult life (to this point) in uniform. For a kid with no concrete goals or plans, "growing up" in Amberg worked out OK.  Always Ready, Sir!
Thanks for the comment, I too entered Pond Barracks as a slick sleeved private, and exited 3 years later as a nearly slick-sleeved sp/4. I agree with you that even though border patrol did not seem all that important, it was, and the escapades of many a g.i. color the pages here. These were good times and important times as well. Thank you for sharing, and Thank You for your service. 

i been looking at them cameras in amberg, and i dunno, but, is it always dark in Amberg,

are the cameras really live? or what.

I think it is really cool, but, ya know.

suns gotta shine somewheres sometime, ya know?

John--one of the cameras is dead for now--it went down shortly after Christmas.  The other 2 are live--just remember that Germany is 6-9 hours ahead of us, depending on which time zone you're in here in the US.  Check it early in the morning and you'll see it in daylight.


Thanks for pointing out the time zones that I had forgotten. Also itsays the pics referesh every so often instead of "streaming." Only with the help of others ...

I got to the SQDN in Jan '87 and left in Oct '91. I stayed in Germany till '97. Even though I was stationed first in Illesheim, then Heidelberg, Germersheim, and back to Illesheim I built a house in Auerbach (outside range 213). I know what you mean about being bittersweet. We'd drive to Amberg to go shopping occasionally and I witnessed the transformation of "our" kaserne. When the asylum seekers were in there and tearing the place apart I wanted to go in there and conduct a police call. I hated it when I first got there.  I came from a unit where I rarely wore a uniform and had long hair. I resented the uniform inspections every morning and the haircuts. At some point in the second year I started to love it. I guess it was the constant training, border etc..  Their really wasn't a whole lot of "Mickey Mouse" BS going on, especially compared to other units.
IAmberg was my first duty station and was the best duty in my 29 year carrer. I left in 1983 and haven't been back since. Thanks for the links.
The sad part is that nothing is the same anymore. Not only has Pond Barracks turned into a residential development, but all of the civilian housing has been torn down as the buildings were contaminated. So, unfortunately nothing looks as it did back then. And since we moved our mum out of Amberg now too, I have no reason to go back. But those were great times back then, and I am really amazed at how many people I meanwhile have found again. And how many of you state that those were the best times in their Army life. For any of you who remember, I used to serve your drinks at the Melodies.





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