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Desperately seeking photos from 1969-1971 era of the Rock, Bindlach, Bayreuth and the How. battery about then. I served there but a nasty divorce removed all traces of my visit. M60's, M114's, almost anything from the border at Wieden or anythig like that would be wildly appreciated. I come from I/2 ACR B troop, 1969-1971.. Thanks, DW

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My name is Raymond Gonzalez.. I live in Mexico. I was at the Rock from 71 to 72.. did Honefels, Graf and two tours at Camp Pitman in Wieden. I have about some pictures from of Camp Pitman and the guys. Its in this website.. Look for my name and the pictures are there. I have other pictures of some of the guys but I can't remember their names. I was a radar operator at camp pitman. Maybe you are the guy I replaced.
Anyway, if you can't find the pictures, I'll send them to your email address.

From Mexicali, Ray g.

Raymond Gonzalez I have been searching for you.  I didn't even remember it as Camp Pitman, could not remember even the little township name of  Wieden till I read your post, thank you.  Any pictures of the time would be a treasure to me as I have almost none, ex-wife confiscated all the 'evidence', how  it goes.

You didn't say your unit, i was 1st Sq 2nd AC Commo dept.

Call me if you want and I'll call you back   330 848-3664 or e mail me anytime, any pics would be a blessing.  Thanks for writing, thank you.


Hi Raymond, I too was stationed at camp pitman several times from 1969 -1970. Ive lost all pictures from that post during that time period.. would love to be able to get a hold of pictures from the camp like it was back then... Thanks mike


In the same boat, have lost all of many photos and color slides, enough that aside from my 214 I would have a hard time proving I ever really ever was in Germany, as it has been long enough now (1969-1971) that reality is different.  One of my ex wives has (or had ) a nice collection of color slides from the camp and different things, but god knows what happened to them.

A few years later, but here are some Camp Pitman photos from 1974.....

Thanks Dave for the photos, as I said my ex wife absconded with all my color slides and photos so anything is welcomed.


My pleasure, Dan. Gotta keep refreshing those brain cells.

I guess I should put this out on the main line but I am new at this and unsure how.  Anyway, do you remember the tailor out on the other side of the gate that would fit your uniforms to you so you would look sharp for inspections, Commander of the relief got the night off, except was supposed to do inspections of the tank parking lot and the other guard posts, ammo dump, etc. How about CQ, another all night duty.  Jesus I can go on forever, suppose this should be somewhere on the site, maybe you can direct me where to write to?

This is as good a place as any. Are you talking about mox-nix Charlie?

I was in How Battery 65-66 and have a few photos of the Bayreuth Sub-post



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