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"Training Areas" und "Bivouac Areas" near Christensen Barracks, Bindlach


I have  a question in regard to "training areas" und "bivouac areas" near Christensen Barracks, Bindlach. I found a site on the web with closed US Installations in Germany: Here amongst many others the following training sites were mentioned: 

  • EUBEN BIVOUAC AREA (closed 16. January 1992)
  • NEMMERSDORF TRAINING AREA (closed 31. March 1992)
  • RAMSENTHAL TRAINING AREA (closed 31. March 1992)

Euben, Nemmersdorf and Ramsenthal are small villages close to Bindlach. Did that sites really exist and were they used or do they appear only printed on paper? I can not find any references in landscape.

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Great question Hagen, I wish I could answer it for you. I know we terrorized the farmers all around Bindlach and throughout Bavaria with our war games, but I don't recall those training areas from my time 1974-75. Hopefully someone else can jump in with an answer.

Tacoma Dave
I never thought of it until I noticed your post on training areas near Bindlach. We (3rd Cav ) had an assembly area outside of the gate for alerts . It was located on the otherside of the autobahn and above Ramsental. I was well aquainted with Ramsenthal because we rented a old german's barn down there and stored our extra kitchen equipment in it I had to go down and get it and take it back after every command inspection was quite familar with the town and a couple of frauiens from there. also about 10 people from there use to be KP's in the mess hall. I went to Ramsenthal when I went back in 99, it had grown over the years and I had a hard time locating the barn I just told you about but I did find it.
Thanks Dave and Tom for your interesting information. It seems, that the mentioned areas were not used very much.
Just because I don't remember doesn't mean anything. I can't remember if I had breakfast this morning!

Those locations are all around Bindlach and were likely used for assembly areas as Tom noted.
I was there between 82 and 85 and don't recall any mention of any bivouac or training areas other than the areas outside the two gates, one out back between the post and the airfield and the one outside the main gate near the model airplane area that my platoon used as a dispersal area during alerts. Never heard any of them referred to by those names though. I do recall an assembly area out by the autobahn in some woods but no towns nearby. They may have been old ones that were forgotten about or renamed by my time in the squadron. Sorry I can't be of more help.
...Mike Sawick...
1968 THE Nemmendorsdorf area was used for alerts time. we hide the tracks in the bush. Im not sure but I beleive it was the area. Those area suppose to be closed in 1992 when they close Christensen Barracks
Hagen looks in Bindlach Germany map in Google. I remember we had war games in Kumbach. Euben was used in alerts time
We had no specfic areas when I was there in 67 thru 69.



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