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For the ones who went to the border and seen the other side do you think we the USA are going in the way of the people we spied on under this goverment we have now we are looseing are rights just like the people we spied on.

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Could very well happen Bernie, if we don't watch our asses or step up and vote this commie pinko out of office.

Hey dave how is it going ?.You are right bro we need to get him out he wants are weapons and are freedom and I tell people what i saw and tell them we are going that way with him.But you know what i miss the the cold war times where take no shit from no body that time in life and this guy is a pussy.So when where you on the rock and what troop i was c troop 81 to 82 had good times there left all my buddies behind when i came back to the states would be good to see some of them guys some day well take care and cav hoo.

I was C Troop 74-75, Bernie. "WHOOP-WHOOP, CHARLIE TROOP!! My dad was there with Headquarters Company 1953-55. Spent my 1st birthday in Bayreuth where we lived across the street from the Bayreuth Officer's Club, just across the park from the Wagner Opera House; my 21st on the border at Camp Pitman, two days after one of our Sheridans blew up on maneuvers one night and I almost got killed; and last year, my 58th, I spent surrounded by the entire Regiment at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany, at the Regimental Change of Command.

You're right...left a lot of good friends behind in Germany. Still in contact with several of them, thanks to this website mainly, but haven't seen any of them since 1975. I did hook up with an old C Troop CO of mine in Vilseck, Germany, four years ago for a bier.

Visited the Rock in 2008 and 2011. Not many of the original buildings left. Headquarters building is an old folks home. The motor pool, still the original building, is several small businesses now including one that restores old American muscle cars. The library, gym, and the old tin Quonset hut are still there, but not much else. It's all a community now...Bindlacher Berg.

I've got plenty of photos on my profile page. Check 'em out.


Interesting. DHS certainly seems to be forming up that way... Thanks to Russian Premocov and East German Marcus Wolfe and others. We took them in after the fall in the early '90's and they provided us with details on domestic spying, travel restrictions, internal passport system and human tracking. 9/11 comes along and pre-written Patriot Act gets pulled off the shelf (written in the '90's).

All the roadblocks/check points, domestic spying by the ABC agencies, biometric ID, constitutional God given rights turning into granted priviliges, TSA groping, VIPER squads, militarized civilian police forces, domestic use of ariel drones, NDAA, etc, etc, etc.

Seems like after the fall of Soviet, they all came over here. Russian-made/enabled intel asset in the WH now. He's a communist usurper. The Weather Underground educated him. Now we have friggin Russian Spetnaz training in ConUS!! The communists have penetrated the highest levels of our military and government. For a while they just stayed in the universities. Clinton made a lot happen in my opinion. We are in DEEEP shit!

It seems like there's alot of truth to that statement !     Also seems like all the Laws anymore protect the guilty...what the Hell ! Lawyers are just a bunch of Legal Crooks.....and the Gov. wants to take away all our Guns.......NO WAY...... !  GOD BLESS OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MAY SHE ALWAYS STAND STRONG AND FREE, AND MAY SHE KEEP ALL OUR TROOPS OUT OF HARMS WAY !

There is alot of truth in that about the guns.I just hope that everyone who owns weapons just dont hand them over to the gov if that day ever comes.Because i know i will not do it I served 7 years for my country and this is what we get for are service we are turning into the ussa not the usa.We where part of the cold war era looks like the turn down the east german fence just to put in back up in the united states again I am not ok with that.

Hey Bernie,

They sell too many containers now days that you can bury guns and ammo in. Gubmit ain't gettin' 'em all!!!

There is an easy work around for buried firearms and cached ammo...'take out' the owner so he can't go dig them up after the 3am door to door searches to fight another day. If they come for your defensive weapons or your food, they are essentially coming for you and your life, wife and kids. History has shown us this many times!

Commies tend to use this as their game plan. The assault on the 2nd ammendment/US Constitution and our way of life is moving out of stealth mode and into the open.

Troopers, ask yourselves why is it that military forces, both foreign and domestic in nature, here on American soil and donmestic local and state police departments OPENLY training together for gun confiscation in many of our major cities, small towns, national forests and military installations? What's with the 30,000 drones?

Knock it off, Charles. You're scarin' the crap out of this paranoid old fart!

(Picture when I still had teeth)

Hey dave check out a web site called infowars.com it tells it all about what Charles was talking about and shows a video on it.Wherre they went into new orleans and took everyones weapons will open your eyes up about this shit are goverment are turning into commies we will be like east germany soon if they get there way.

Amen!! wont get my weaponry with out a fight..

I think that you're right. Politicians, and lawyers are a bunch of crooks. I just watch their mouths to see what side the shit falls from.  can't trust a single one of them . there should be a limit to a senitorial, and congressional term, just like the presidency. there are too many long term politiccians who only have their own interst at heart, and schemes to make themselves rich. also they should have no benifits after they leave office. The Bas****s are stealing everything from us. The only people that should be in office are those that have served our Great Nation, and know of the sacrifices that we have all made.


Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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