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Copy this photo from J Auger..noticed these showing up in a lot of photos...looks like a Hoffner device....and whats that tube thing? Thanks


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Hey guys, the M60A2 Tank was an M60 chassis with a turrent somewhat like the M60A1, but it had a 152mm Gun Tube/Launcher.  It not only fired a two piece round, same as M551 Sheridan, but it could also launch a 152mm Missile called a Shillelagh Optical Guided Missile.There were about 526 built in 1972 and as I recall, each Heavy Division in the Army had one (1) Battalion.  The tank was nicknamed "Starship" because of its sophisticated Technology.  Very difficult to maintain and always a pain to shoot.  Turned out that the missile had trouble penetrating heavy armor and it was eventually taken out of service.  Also, the smoke greanade launchers on the M60 were for smoke screen operations.  M60's didn't have smoke generators on them.

Hi Bob,I'm Not sure about the Early M60's but the M60a3's we had at the Rock did have smoke generators as well as the pictured launchers on the side (we never used the launchers).If you go to my page, I have 2 good pics of us using them at Camp Gates (1984),you"ll see the white smoke.Besides using them to cover our movement,we were also trained to use them in instances of ant-tank issues.You know,hiding from saggers that sort of thing.They're a lot of fun,wish I had one on the frau's Benz.

Hmmm- that tank doesn't have the required "don't bust your a$$" board on the front slope between the headlights.

That's D-13,Sp4 Higgason was the driver,thats what came out when he dropped the escape hatch.his TC made him do Spring cleaning.

Always thought those were coke holders/dispensor. At least that was where we would hide ours, among other places

Once the colonel was doing an inspection, LTC Lyle, the squadron commander. One of my tank commanders was a new E-6 and frankly, a screw-up. The colonel found a bunch of cokes and candy wrappers in his cupola ammo cans... was not happy about that. The only saving grace was that he found much worse in another platoon so the cokes and wrappers were forgotten. I can't remember all the details, but I know it was a German liquor bottle in an ammo can. There were  so many cubby holes to hide shit in.



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