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What was popular music-wise while you were in Germany?

Most of the pizza places and bars I frequented in Bamberg area had English-speaking groups either on the jukebox or playing live; Not many German songs, except for the Oktoberfest and local festivals. Most of the tunes at the time tended to be disco-oriented by groups such as the Bee Gee's, ABBA, and Donna Summer, or country like the Bellamy Brothers or Willie Nelson, or hard rock like Black Sabbath. Any groups remind you of your Cav days in Deutschland?

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Just remembered a couple more groups that take me right back to my time on the Rock....Three Dog Night; Grand Funk Railroad.

Robin Trower, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath Steve Miller Band Lynard Skinner, for the Rock Genra and Meryle Haggard, Jonny Cash Johnny Paycheck for the country side. Funny thing was you would problaly hear all these groups plus many more in the barracks at one time

Saw Trower in concert recently. He's still got it!

I saw RT at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN before I joined the Army.  My elbows were on the stage!  I think I had a concussion from the speakers being so close to my melon

First time I saw Trower was at the Paramount Theater in Seattle after I got out of the Army.

I'm up in the balcony looking down on the stage. Just as Trower came out, a guy runs out of the crowd down one of the aisles, hits the brass railing around the orchestra pit at a dead run, and clears the entire orchestra pit, landing on stage with Trower. Before Trower could react, the guy snatches the microphone and yells "Lets rock this f***** place to it's foundation!", then starts fighting Trower for his guitar. Security jumps on stage and the guy jumps back into the crowd and disappeared. The crowd was going crazy, thinking it was part of the show.

Many years later a good friend and I were talking by the fire one night during a hunting trip, and started bringing up concerts we had seen. His mom worked at the ticket printing place, so he always got choice tickets. I mentioned Trower, and he asked early or late show. I replied late, and he asked if I saw him on stage. It was him that had jumped on stage. He got busted trying to find his seat and got thrown out, but snuck right back in and got busted again trying to find his seat. Second time the cops hauled him off, but dropped him at the hospital and left because he said he was really high.

Since he missed the first concert, I got us tickets when Trower came through recently.

Did he climb back on stage?

I made him promise to stick around for the show this time. Right after the show he disappeared though and we didn't find him until on the way out. Found out he tried to get back stage and got caught.

"I got a little change in my pocket going jingle, lingle, lingle...". We used to sing that song at the top of our voices when we were drunk and walking around downtown. So much fun.

Other than that, Pink Floyd-Momentary Lapse of Reason, Guns and Roses-Appetite For Destruction, any other hard rock that came out at that time. 

Saw Areosmith in concert ,Wishbone Ash in Munich. listened to Frampton, Kraftwerk and lots of OmPah Page in the beer tents, 

I remember only a few since it was back in the 50's and some of you guys weren't born yet.  Corina,Corina, Ellvis's I'm all shookup.  There was a German band that came to the EM Club that sang that.  Okahoma Tom (German) Annaqlisa, Annalisa (German).  HIP-HOP-HIPOOLA (German) Not the hip-hop of today.  Some guys listened to the HilolBilly Gasthaous out of Bremerhaven on AFR.

When I was stationed in bamberg, the disco craze was in full bloom. Thus, in many of the local clubs, the late great Disco Queen, Donna summer tunes ruled the dance floors.  I still do not know how to "Do the Hustle."

Hendricks, Joplin, Black Sabbath, Bad Company (68-71)


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