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What was popular music-wise while you were in Germany?

Most of the pizza places and bars I frequented in Bamberg area had English-speaking groups either on the jukebox or playing live; Not many German songs, except for the Oktoberfest and local festivals. Most of the tunes at the time tended to be disco-oriented by groups such as the Bee Gee's, ABBA, and Donna Summer, or country like the Bellamy Brothers or Willie Nelson, or hard rock like Black Sabbath. Any groups remind you of your Cav days in Deutschland?

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If that didn't get you moving, you need to check your pulse.

Click on this link for a great juke box time machine to hear all your old favorites.


Dave your right Bad Company top the list

Motown was on a roll...Disco was really just getting started and I had a blast in Amberg...would go back today, if there was a job for me to make a modest living at. Spent a lot of time and left a lot of damaged brain cells at both the "Disco-Tech Lord Nelson's" and the Istanbul.  1975-78

Bernard Turner, Amberg, I Troop 3/2  1974

Back in the day I  remember the sounds of  Berry White, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder. 

Saw Earth, Wind & Fire and Brothers Johnson in Seattle, late 70's.



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